It all comes down to this: Will you vote for Donald Trump today, or Hillary Clinton?

Posted by: Politics2016

  • Trump/Pence

  • Clinton/Kaine

57% 21 votes
43% 16 votes
  • I feel like if Trump wins, he won't be an international pushover like Obama. I'm sorry, but when you pay a ransom to another country, you're basically inviting hostile people to kidnap American citizens. Trump won't do that. With regards to his Access Hollywood tape, so what? Celebrities say that kind of stuff all the time, from TV personalities to rappers. Trump was a celebrity before he was a politician. It's not much of a stretch for him to say those kinds of things.

    Posted by: ChaseE
  • I dont really want trump that much but I just wanted to rebutt dsullivan's comments because this is just so old. How is Trump similar to Hitler in any way? Can you name one policy they both have in common? Because Hitler was a socialist which is what the democratic party supports so that association is nonsense to me. When has he ever said that he has any interest in taking away women's or minorities rights? And when has he actually said anything negative about minorities? He is not a white supremacist nor has he ever said anything that is even related to that. And Hillary is no angel. She did not just delete a few thousand emails, she sold uranium to Russia, let 4 americans die and lied to their families faces and to congress, completely removed 33,000 emails after being ordered to hand them over by the FBI and then gets off scot free because she is married to Bill who by the way raped women, cheated with women in the oval office, and then had Hillary smear and belittle the accusers of him. So please check your sources, try to learn the facts, and get your head out of your arse.

  • It's about damn time to Make America Safe and Great Again.

  • Bomb the s**t out of ISIS, and enforce the d*mn law.

  • Our Fate depends on it

  • The fact that this is even a choice is absolutely ludicrous! Trump is an anti-feminist, prejudiced, bigot with no care for anyone's life but people like himself. Bring in Trump and you are opening the door for a potential Hitler revamped. The fact that he is a Republican gives him more leeway in the HoR, and leads me and every other sane individual to believe that he will take complete control and turn America back to the times before women's suffrage and equal rights among the minorities and majority. You have the choice between someone who disrespects the human race, and upholds white supremacy, or someone who deleted a few 1000 emails. Every President and Presidential candidate has a skeleton in their closet, but wouldn't we rather the lesser of two evils in office who can actually hold her composure and negotiate with other countries instead of instigate them?

  • I'm just voting to keep up with the poll.

    Posted by: reece
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lightseeker says2016-11-08T11:54:17.3882412Z
Guys, it doesn't matter which one you vote for. US' policies is for the most part independent from it's presidents. If a president tries to go against the flow, he'll be killed. And his brother also will be killed. And it'll be made sure that no other president can go against US' shadow government. But I really want to see how rabid Hillary can be.
ChaseE says2016-11-08T11:56:29.1622859Z
They both suck. It just comes down to the type of Congress they have.
jo154676 says2016-11-08T12:52:00.1580383Z
Why is Gary Johnson not an option here?
Politics2016 says2016-11-08T12:53:05.6160579Z
Because he has no chance. I'm only putting the ones that actually have a shot.
reece says2016-11-08T14:00:38.4390817Z
@ChaseE International pushover??? You do realize America is in 7 wars right now. That's only the tip of the iceberg for you, Let alone the amount of destruction he has caused with drone strikes. Since the War on Terror began the net worth of terrorism has increased. It's the same with the war on drugs. IT'S COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. You're going to vote in a guy who asked why the U.S. shouldn't use nuclear weapons. He's taking neoconservatism to a whole new level.
Fernyx says2016-11-08T14:18:33.0881261Z
@dsullivan being an anti-feminist is a positive
reece says2016-11-08T14:32:29.4513317Z
@jo154676 If The Nazi party was socialist, then North Korea is democratic. You will realize the analogy fits well. The Democratic Party and the Republican Part are the same thing driving America into a ditch. It's just that the Democratic Party is for soft imperialism while the Republican Party is for hard imperialism. I can't be botherd replying to everything.
reece says2016-11-08T14:33:16.2516317Z
ChaseE says2016-11-08T14:46:07.1667291Z
I'm not gonna vote for someone who will put American lives at risk.
ChaseE says2016-11-08T14:50:00.2166230Z
Also, can't tell if your comment is pro-Trump or pro-Obama.
jo154676 says2016-11-08T14:54:29.7707509Z
Well to be fair, it may not be a popular belief but just nuking the middle east and starting over may end up being the only option we have, and I want a president who isn't scared to use them if needed and who won't lie to us about it or sell them to Russia
reece says2016-11-08T15:00:17.8684741Z
@ChaseE I'm not pro-anyone. This is about the lesser evil. Like I said, Trump is going to take neoconservatism to a whole new level.
ChaseE says2016-11-08T15:03:53.5384741Z
Oh, gotcha. But exactly. If we're fighting 7 wars, we need a strong Commander-in-Chief. Trump would be a no-nonsense Commander, unlike Hillary.
reece says2016-11-08T15:11:57.0926163Z
@ChaseE @jo154676 No, America needs to stop! IT'S COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. Do you guys understand??
jo154676 says2016-11-08T15:13:33.4608822Z
Do you have evidence of it being counter productive or have a better idea?
reece says2016-11-08T15:26:40.6978804Z
@jo154676 How would you feel if one of your close family members (innocent or not) got killed from a fly-by? Now imagine that on a global scale if you nuked them. Most of the world already thinks the U.S. is the number one threat to world peace.
reece says2016-11-08T15:28:11.4280620Z
America polices the world like it polices its citizens.
ChaseE says2016-11-08T15:28:12.2080670Z
Then be more concerned about Russia, with their high-tech nukes.
reece says2016-11-08T15:30:18.7404781Z
Putin isn't the one asking why he shouldn't use them.
ChaseE says2016-11-08T16:16:43.3023759Z
However, Putin's nukes are way more advanced and pose a much greater threat. That's scary. Russia could threaten people with them. We need to upgrade our nukes if Russians won't disable theirs.
reece says2016-11-08T16:33:08.3954424Z
@ChaseE Don't you know what MAD stands for?
jo154676 says2016-11-08T16:42:52.5632352Z
Reece you have yet to propose a better idea, criticizing without giving a better idea is worthless
reece says2016-11-08T16:46:04.1572152Z
@jo154676 What are you talking about?
mdmark says2016-11-08T17:42:09.6447887Z
@dsullivan Id just like to point out that it has been revealed that over 600 thousand emails were deleted and thus recovered. Thats a little more than a "couple thousand". And a good number of those emails pertained to corruption and child petophilia which surrounds the DNC and The Clintons.
mdmark says2016-11-08T17:42:41.2587765Z
@dsullivan Id just like to point out that it has been revealed that over 600 thousand emails were deleted and thus recovered. Thats a little more than a "couple thousand". And a good number of those emails pertained to corruption and child petophilia which surrounds the DNC and The Clintons.
jo154676 says2016-11-08T17:53:39.4269955Z
Reece all you are saying is that trumps ideas are bad without saying your view which is worthless so speak up with your amazing perfect ideas of how to keep America prosperous and secure?
mdmark says2016-11-08T18:09:51.0324237Z
@dsullivan Id just like to point out that it has been revealed that over 600 thousand emails were deleted and thus recovered. Thats a little more than a "couple thousand". And a good number of those emails pertained to corruption and child petophilia which surrounds the DNC and The Clintons.
reece says2016-11-08T18:16:41.6344706Z
@jo154676 It's not worthless if Trump is the worse choice. I'm a Marxist. America would need a while to form the correct infrastructure to support it. It's an uphill battle.
jo154676 says2016-11-08T18:30:10.7730425Z
Well reece if his ideas are the worst possible then it should be incredibly easy to name at least one better idea?
Politics2016 says2016-11-08T18:35:29.9198883Z
Sir Reece, if you can explain why initiating formidable infrastructure to secure the border with Mexico, decreasing the dug cartels coming in, and lowering corporate taxes from 35% to 15%, allowing companies to grow, expand, and create more jobs, I'd be happy to hear. As of right now, you're not listing any bad policy, and why it's bad.
Politics2016 says2016-11-08T18:36:22.8198274Z
*drug cartels
reece says2016-11-08T18:45:14.0730477Z
@jo154676 If first I told you to kill an innocent person and you criticized me for it... Do you know how moronic I would sound If I turned around and asked for a better Idea? Trump has said that he would target innocent civilians and torture even if it doesn't work.
reece says2016-11-08T18:52:24.6046075Z
@Politics2016 While you believe that, free-trade agreements are shipping off jobs over seas to countries that tolerate slavery.
reece says2016-11-08T18:54:12.5810848Z
Politics2016 says2016-11-08T18:54:24.4995612Z
Okay Reece, that just proves your lack of knowledge about Trump's plan. Https://www.Donaldjtrump.Com/policies/trade/
reece says2016-11-08T18:55:41.3300537Z
Obama had a plan too.
Politics2016 says2016-11-08T18:57:22.9179049Z
Saying Obama had a plan in no way proves Trump's plan wrong. Did Obama's precious plan work, which Clinton even called the gold standard?
Politics2016 says2016-11-08T18:58:08.3609962Z
You didn't even read the link, nobody can that fast.
reece says2016-11-08T19:03:58.2244389Z
@Politics2016 Trump's a 'businessman'. What makes you think he wouldn't sellout the moment he gets into office. He's already tried to get big money.
reece says2016-11-08T19:06:14.0233094Z
He wants to appoint his campaign finance chairman, Steven Mnuchin, as Treasury secretary.
Politics2016 says2016-11-08T19:07:04.8870503Z
Yes I know Trump's a businessman. And I was under the impression that we were talking about trade. Oh well. Nonetheless, I can't tell you whether or not Trump would sell us out or not. But after years of politicians doing just that, I'm willing to give Donald Trump the outsider a chance. I have no idea though to be honest. Trump is uncharted territory.
reece says2016-11-08T19:07:30.6042003Z
Steven Mnuchin is a banker at Goldman Sachs.
ChaseE says2016-11-08T19:10:02.1123715Z
I tried to leave a comment. MAD: Mutually Assured Destruction. However, I believe a Russian-backed president would be beneficial as we would be able to destroy ISIS more effectively.
ChaseE says2016-11-08T19:49:16.2766622Z
Also, @dsullivan, feminazism is cancer.
Knaveslayer99 says2016-11-09T01:59:57.6336488Z
I'm gonna go with Reece here when it comes down to Trump or Hillary and while both are god darn awful Trump is clearly the much more evil and worrying candidate I mean he wants to tax China! He does realize that America's in 9 Trillion Dollar Debt to China right? What do you want to do provoke China into a war which will lead to a slaughter in China's favor?
Politics2016 says2016-11-09T02:14:28.3836327Z
False. He doesn't want to "tax China". He wants to tax the PRODUCTS of the COMPANIES that moved over to Mexico and China etc.
jo154676 says2016-11-09T02:17:55.6629592Z
The tarrifs that he wants to institute would be taxing all products from China until they are more expensive than American made products but that would not start a war with China

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