Italian mafia vs the Mexican cartel: Who is more ruthless?

Posted by: Linkish1O2

  • Italian mafia

  • Mexican cartel

54% 13 votes
46% 11 votes
  • The Italian mafia has been around much longer and is more organized. The cartels have only been around for a short time and is rather chaotic: Leaders die and are replaced frequently.

  • The Italian mafia operates off of trust and honor. You know that if someone stabs you in the back, they will be killed by your "family". The Mexican drug cartel is just full of scumbags who would murder their friends just as quickly as their enemies.

  • Going on nothing but limited knowledge.

    Posted by: Taylur
  • The Cartel currently runs Mexico, the Italian Mafia has been losing its influence.

  • The cartels have the numbers. A army of brainless essays.

  • These people have lost a sense of right and wrong. They fear little because they have nothing to lose. They are driven by pure capitalist greed and don't respect any life. The Italian mafia has some standards.

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Edithgadit says2014-02-27T11:15:30.0511098-06:00
Italian mafia is older and they are less tacky, but they aren't much better organized than mexican cartels, actually mexican cartels have soon reached a high level within narcotraficking, and in many places they are actually liked, sucha as in Sinaloa, they are marching to set free the leader of the Cartel of Sinaloa, they miss him because he protected them, he wasn't an extorsionist, nor killed innocent people, he just sold drugs to the USA, mainly. He earned approximatedly 11 million dollars per year. It was a great business for him and people in Sinaloa, he gave them work in the Marijuana crops.
Italian43 says2017-11-24T07:00:26.4623765Z
The Italian mafia by far worse than the Mexican mafia,the Mexican mexob started by looking up to the Italian mob
Giovannicapra says2018-02-21T20:47:03.1978096Z
Right now the mexican cartels do have more power and are making a lot more noise than the Italians are.. The Mafia's power and ruthlessness is a thing of the past.. But in all history though the Mafiosi in sicily were more notorious and ruthless. In the 1980's the city of palermo was a killing field. Where the population is only 600,000 there were 10,000 bodies found on the streets. Between 1980-1990. That's 1,000 murders a year statisticly aside the fact that its an island and in tradition they liked to destroy evidence by mostly dumping bodies in the sea, placing them in concret, or desolving them in acid. So you can tack on another few thousand there.. Specifically it was the Corleone gang who kicked off everything in sicily. And they were the most ruthless gang in world history while after kicking off a 10 year long mafia they kicked off a war against the italian state.

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