It's Crisis Time! You must make a critical choice: Who lives and who dies?

Posted by: a_poll_of_souls

This is the scenario: You are walking on a sidewalk. You reach an intersection and see two things. 1)On your left is a truck driver who's lost control of the vehicle and is speeding towards two small children playing in the street. On your right is a frantic mother chasing a runaway baby carriage. The two are about to enter traffic and will have zero chance of survival. You can't save both, so which of them will you save?

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The two children

11 votes

The mother and her baby

4 votes
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Max.Wallace says2015-01-29T20:22:36.8942254-06:00
The maker of this scenario.
minny says2015-01-29T20:48:21.3426671-06:00
The "mother and child" option was my impulse
CelestialKnight says2015-01-29T22:48:21.7897943-06:00
How about neither, the world is overpopulated as it is .... Lol joking

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