• Jake Paul

  • Logan Paul

37% 13 votes
63% 22 votes
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kronixx says2017-10-10T23:38:52.1886674Z
LDBen says2017-10-11T02:21:28.3329591Z
Same kronixx
dietorangesoda says2017-10-14T03:53:25.6099271Z
What a 15 year old question when did this site become full of high schoolers
foxxhajti says2017-10-15T18:21:55.1509639Z
FlyingFrogs says2018-05-15T04:25:27.7615877Z
They’re both cancer of the earth.
Fake_Love13 says2018-07-16T06:24:56.0969470Z

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