Japanese women or evil robots

Posted by: dylangraphic23

Which ones are better?

  • Japanese women

  • Evil robots

70% 14 votes
30% 6 votes
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Negotiate says2018-05-19T20:47:19.6134691Z
I am very confused with dozens of questions- mainly- why? Is this meant to be humorous? What is the context? Is this in reference to something? I don't understand how, but despite my confusion- you have caught my attention. 1 vote for Japanese Woman.
Starfire667 says2018-05-20T18:00:28.3661373Z
If it was ex-wives vs evil robots...Evil robots it is lol. But in this question, Japanese women are frikkin awesome!!!
Murphy_The_Blobfish says2018-05-20T21:40:29.1797099Z
Is this a sincere question?
ZackCarr says2019-04-26T20:22:19.5340803Z
Both are awesome

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