Javert should not have commited suicide at the end of Les Miserables.

Posted by: thisisbob

I just finished watching the 1978 movie, and he may not have done that in the new movie, or the book, but he did that in that movie. Should he have done that? (Javert is the mean guy who turns nice at the end and lets Val Jean escape.)

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Yes he should have.

He was a mean an horrible person. I also want random people to die.
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No, please.

Like seriously.
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I am an idiot who can't make decisions.
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EndarkenedRationalist says2014-01-13T22:47:44.1019837-06:00
He does it in the book, the musical, and the movie. And from his perspective, it's entirely understandable.
thisisbob says2014-01-14T17:26:29.4223536-06:00
Ah I see thank you.
thisisbob says2014-01-14T17:29:33.1198662-06:00
He lived around the law, and the belief that once a person has committed a crime, he can commit other crimes. Since Val Jean stole a piece of bread, he could do anything. But the question is, when he realized that was wrong, why did he commit suicide. Why not continue life the right way?
Mockery says2014-02-12T08:16:48.3745834-06:00
Too bad we don't have a book section. This question would be more suited there. But anyways, his suicide does make some weird sort of sense. To him anyways.

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