• Jeb Bush

  • Bernie Sanders

21% 7 votes
79% 27 votes
  • Jeb bush may be cursed with his family name, but at least he knows what he's doing, and where hes at. bernie is a senile moron who knows nothing about economics, politics, or freedoms.

  • Bernie should be the President but convention and white fear won't allow it.

    Posted by: ramm55
  • Please, Bush is a puppet. Bernie all the way.

  • Bernie is probably the best option as a president I mean he cares about equality and the youth and population of this nation instead like the others who are pissing themselves on what Vladimir Putin is gonna say

  • Bernie Sanders understands has real solutions to real problems. The claim from the right, that I want free stuff is BS. I listened to what he says and I believe that he is correct.

  • Bernie Sanders cares about people he dose not think the top 0.01% of people that have 5% are the best. He actually cares about education he takes money from unions not corrupt wall street. He does not have any super packs but Jeb bush does. He is better than Clinton because he dose not want to fight he knows we have a bad reputation with many countries and 53% of the budget goes to killing people. He thinks that is NOT what makes a great country. He is also for racial equality he walked with Marin Luther King Jr. He probably knew he was going to be arrested but he has firm beliefs. Also electing another bush would be like the bush dynasty 3 bushes that is exactly why we broke away from England in the first place. He is not Donald Trump because he accepts hope and dream to come to America. Donald Trump brings up how he hates immigrants in practically EVERY conversation it does get really annoying. According to many polls he is ding best at the debates because he cares about the people he does not think corporations are people the only other candidate that thinks corporations are not people is Martin O Malley. Just think about sanders warren or sanders omalley those 2 teams would help America a great deal.

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