Jeff or Jack

Posted by: acmanjr

Whom is liked more, Jeff the Killer or Eyeless Jack

  • Jeff The Killer

  • Eyeless Jack

100% 4 votes
0% No votes
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toasterspan says2016-11-18T17:22:40.1764450Z
They're both just... Absolutely terrible.
BlargArgNarg says2016-11-19T02:37:36.7233053Z
How about neither.
Forthelulz says2016-11-20T05:28:13.4410594Z
That looked like Light and L from Death Note. I'm not going to lie.
madness says2016-11-21T09:30:53.7319880Z
Creepy pasta is shit. It's for people too scared to watch a horror movie.

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