• Yes. That's how he is in all of the paintings

  • No. How could he be when was from the Middle East?

16% 4 votes
84% 21 votes
  • Why is this even up for debate? The three races of the world are Caucasoids, Negroids and Mongoloids. Caucasoids, also known as Caucasians are the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, and the Caucasus region. Was Jesus a blonde blue eyed European? No, but was he a Middle Eastern? Yes absolutely. BUT Middle Easterns ARE White, they belong to the greater Caucasian race. Basically this poll's pro and con sides are correct.

  • Middle eastern=caucasion= "white"

  • He was on holiday from Europe when he did that stuff abroad!

  • Sorry to break it to you but... Jesus was NOT white. We can't know for sure what race he was but he was definitely not white. He would have been olive skinned or darker. He lived in the Middle East- not Europe so how could he be white? The origin of the White Jesus came about by Europeans who did not like the fact that Jesus was Jewish because they hated the Jews so they decided to make a Jesus that would look like them, but it is not accurate. So therefore, it is historically inaccurate for Jesus to be depicted as white.

    Posted by: SegBeg
  • If by white you mean a Jew from the Middle East who spent a lot of time outdoors, then sure he was white.

  • Why does His skin colour even matter?

  • Statistically/logically, he was out in the sun, was Jewish, and in an area that is either black/dark complected. He wasn't white

  • Jesus was Jewish and most likely had darker skin. This is one of the many reasons why the ideology of white supremacy is unbiblical, and why the Bible does not justify racism.

  • He is portrayed as white because Christianity grew popular in Europe, and generally people would paint him similarly to the people they see everyday.

  • No because he did not exist

    Posted by: maslow
  • I don't think he exists, and he's from the middle East. His skin colour would reflect this fact.

  • If he was born in the middle east then we was middle eastern, and I think we all watch enough news to know what they look like.

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Black-Jesus says2016-07-07T01:32:23.9637881Z
@bassameladi, you do know that we're not exactly talking about scientific races/ethnic classes, right? This is merely a talk from the layman perspective; that is, "what color is the guy's skin?" Is it closer to white or brown? It was brown, and probably very dark at that.

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