• Jill Stein

  • Gary Johnson

52% 12 votes
48% 11 votes
  • Jill Stein has criminal charges of trespassing against her. Also, she kind of is a hippie. Although protecting the environment is nice, but she is crazy on all of the other issues.

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NestorTheZizek says2016-10-29T18:43:14.5014650Z
How could anyone vote for Gary. He's such an imbecile
SNP1 says2016-10-29T18:51:17.8549634Z
And Stein is anti-science, so how could anyone vote for her?
reece says2016-10-30T04:01:07.9418663Z
@SNP1 Do you know what economic libertarianism entails?
reece says2016-10-30T04:03:11.9938615Z
@SNP1 That was only one slip. If you give me evidence of her doing it over and over again, then that would be a different story.
reece says2016-10-30T04:11:20.8227724Z
I assume you know her stance on climate change.
SNP1 says2016-10-30T04:36:47.0429558Z
Honestly, I am for Johnson for one reason only, future elections. He has a chance for electoral votes, Stein doesn't. ANY 3rd party getting that will drastically change people's outlook. Furthermore, there is a good chance that the Libertarian Party will get over 5% of the popular vote, and thus get more funding for next election. This can help end the two party system, which is one of the biggest problems our government has. Johnson has a chance that Stein does not right now. No, he won't get the presidency, thinking that is a joke. But what opportunity he has that Stein does not is huge.
reece says2016-10-30T05:02:40.7037151Z
@SNP1 Economic libertarianism/neoliberalism is what has helped create this tension the first place. We shouldn't be giving it a pedestal. It's equivalent to Hillary's call for public knowledge of dark money. It doesn't actually fix the problem.
NestorTheZizek says2016-10-30T09:02:28.9465220Z
@SNP1, she is a medical doctor
SNP1 says2016-10-30T15:18:50.1029894Z
She is a medical doctor who is skeptical of GMOs, despite the science, that thinks wifi can cause health issues, despite the science, etc.
HockeyGod22 says2016-11-01T15:54:47.1845480Z
Johnson is the only candidate in the debate that is not insane.
HockeyGod22 says2016-11-01T15:57:18.8019199Z
Plus past libertarian presidents have been great, Abraham Lincoln for instance!
DiEgO123100 says2016-11-01T22:22:46.2371716Z
This is like asking if you would like to shoot yourself with a handgun or a revolver: they will both suck

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