John Stossel or John stewart?

Posted by: the_unknown_debator

Who is the best reporter?

  • John Stossel

  • John Stewart

42% 8 votes
58% 11 votes
  • I don't watch Stosell, but I sure as hell watch Stewart. He's currently one of my favorite people on television, along with Bill Maher and sometimes Colbert.

    Posted by: Seido
  • Stossel dosen't have a clue, and Stewart not only informs you, the irony is always there and he is very balanced...

  • Stossel's whiny as hell. He'll point out $10 million dollar solutions to $1 million dollar problems. He's consistent if nothing else, but so is a .200 hitter.

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GarretKadeDupre says2014-06-25T18:14:53.2737862-05:00
Stewart is funny but I rather Stossel.
Shadow-Dragon says2014-06-25T18:25:00.2552041-05:00
John Oliver would beat them both. He is so funny.
muricamurray says2014-06-26T19:52:09.1861179-05:00
I refuse to vote because you spelled JON wrong

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