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One Direction

57 votes

Justin Bieber

7 votes
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brian_eggleston says2013-09-16T05:32:18.1962341-05:00
They are both terrible. Is there any way that both can come last in this poll?
Icomeanon says2013-09-16T07:42:28.7881115-05:00
Lets just say - Can you please let me do negative votes? (And let me do infinite amounts of them to BOTH bands)
nfshp65 says2013-09-16T07:53:19.2791992-05:00
They Both suck, so the main question should be "Which one sucks the most?"
imabench says2013-09-16T12:06:44.9954327-05:00
The consensus is that both of them suck equally
MysticEgg says2013-09-16T13:26:58.9009784-05:00
Should we report it as damaging to minors? ;D
wn says2013-09-16T13:33:30.8404532-05:00
Neither. Bieber condones rape (and I doubt he looks like a devout Catholic, by acting all arrogant, so he has no excuse), and look at what 1D done to Mitch Lucker's band's dignity.
wn says2013-09-16T13:34:17.8794738-05:00
Good one MysticEgg. If Russia denies gay propaganda, I condone denying arrogant popstar propaganda.
Subutai says2013-09-16T16:53:45.4246294-05:00
@imabench: +1.
lannan13 says2013-09-17T18:16:03.6744149-05:00
Two gay bands in one poll...
Themachoman says2013-12-03T19:41:45.1996400-06:00
You said it
Epic1Online says2013-12-05T16:00:21.1528015-06:00
Epic1Online says2013-12-05T16:00:23.3523592-06:00
Dilara says2014-05-03T21:16:00.7104301-05:00
They're nicer men than jb and make better music.
HaiqaTahir says2015-04-25T22:36:33.0791761-05:00
One direction is better no question!
loveisnotlost says2017-03-22T17:03:49.9872161Z
Oh dear.I hate them both....What do I do?

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