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Cat47 says2017-01-05T20:18:48.8606839Z
Hard to choose
brycef says2017-02-21T02:02:15.7023015Z
I went with karate because I find it a lot more interesting. That said, if you're asking about actual effectiveness, then we have to compare the most effective karate style to the most effective kickboxing style. The most effective karate style right now seems to be Kyokushin. The most effective kickboxing style seems to be Muay Thai, though an argument can also be made for San Da. In match ups between Muay Thai and Kyokushin, the Muay Thai fighter usually wins.
brycef says2017-02-21T02:07:39.4178749Z
I should also add, in general muay thai seems to be faster, but kyokushin fighters seem to hit harder.
Anitabab01 says2018-07-03T12:30:55.2770370Z
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