Kids should pick if they want to get vaccines

Posted by: hd1997

  • No kids shouldn't pick if they get their vaccines

  • Yes kids should pick if they want there vaccines

82% 23 votes
18% 5 votes
  • Kids should not pick their vaccines. We don't need eradicated diseases, i.e. small pox, polio, etc., to resurface because kids aren't taking precautions. Some vaccines are more questionable than others. If there is a family-history of problems with a particular vaccine, then the doctor should be made aware before administering it. But "all" vaccines are not bad and children are not educated-enough to make such decisions.

  • Many vaccines are best before the children have the ability to talk, let alone know enough to make such decisions. Daddy, what's a Vaccine? Son, it's to prevent a bad disease. Daddy, what's a disease? It makes you sick. Is it one of those things doctors stick in my arm that hurts? Yes son. I don't want it then, I hate things that hurt. So the concept of children choosing vaccines is utterly DUMB!

    Posted by: Sagey
  • I agree with many who picked this side before me: Kids can't give legally binding consent (that's the idea behind sex with under-aged and limitations to be allowed to buy certain stuff till you have reached a certain age) therefore children can't be made responsible for this health decision. They can't understand it. And if they can't, we can't give them the responsibility.

  • They should get them before they are old enough to consent. Their parents, however, should have the choice, not the doctors or government. As much as the anti-vaccine crows pisses me off, this is America.

  • wtf no

  • Children do not understand what a vaccination does and how it will benefit them. Also, when it comes to get a shot, many children will say that they do not want it no matter what it is for.

  • The kids will just do whatever their parents say.

  • Kids shouldn't be left to pick their decision . Well, they are KIDS and not educated enough to know about the benefits and the purpose of vaccines.

    Posted by: Kin21
  • Vaccines are bad for kids, and they are the way the government injects bad things into the body of it's citizens.

  • The vaccine is to put our minds to sleep. Were all asleep. We have got to start waking up

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