• Knowledge

  • Wisdom

7% 1 votes
93% 14 votes
  • It's better to have a little knowledge and know what to do with it than useless knowledge without insight and a practical application.

  • I've known a lot of people that knew a lot and they were still idiots.

  • Knowing what to do is one thing, knowing how to do it is another.

    Posted by: Kalius
  • Wisdom is more important tho we as human species should strive for both.

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arrivingdragon250 says2015-09-07T14:03:21.1580092Z
Both is important, more importantly, there're the same thing, we can't lose either one of them, so in here, there's no which one is more important.
Hanspete says2015-09-07T14:06:17.0742344Z
Sir, the Inquisition pronounces you a heretic, proceed to the gallows if you please. You are being charged with a having a neutral opinion. :D :D lol

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