Korn is not daddy

Posted by: Huntersaidhesdaddy

Korn is a very very bad kid no no no also trash at fortnite :)

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BUT HE IS (Jaylins answer)

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No he is not meh daddy maybe jaylins though

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RyanDoherty1995 says2019-02-01T13:11:41.5537526Z
Korn's a good band, But I wouldn't say they are "Daddy". I'm more of a System of a Down guy. Never heard of a band called "Jaylins", Though.
KoolAidCobain says2019-03-26T15:24:46.1530200Z
I dunno who Korn is, But I do know KoRn! They're one of the most influential nu metal bands besides System of a Down!

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