Larry Bird or Kobe Bryant?

Posted by: willums

Two of the best players ever, but who was better?

  • Larry Bird

  • Kobe

58% 7 votes
42% 5 votes
  • I have to say bird was better. As well as being on the dream team, being the greatest passer ever, and winning the 3 point contest three years in a row, he was also on the best NBA team ever, the near unbeatable '86 Celtics. He wasn't a one man team like Kobe, but making his team better around him.

  • These players are similar in a lot of things. Both Bird and Kobe can hit 3's with their eyes closed and make unlimited jumpers-- but they do have a significant difference. Kobe is not a team player. Larry Bird, on the other hand, is one of the best team players to ever play in the NBA. Larry was an exceptional passer, unlike Kobe Bryant.

  • Kobe is much for talented and skilled than Bird, but he gets a F for team play.

  • Bird is overrated not to sound racist but it is mainly because he is white that he is so good. kobe has 5 championships where bird does not

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BaLou says2015-06-05T11:41:04.5155686-05:00
Kobe won 5 championships and Bird 3. I just enjoyed watching Bird play. He made some unbelievable passes and shots on a consistent basis. It was his instincts that made him a legend.

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