Lewimcdoodle or HijackedGaming?

Posted by: Lewimcdoodle

Ok, so here's the story, HijackedGaming and I made an account in class one day. We had ideas and made the polls he has now. Recently (a week or so ago) I made my own account and I would like you to decide which one of us is better.

  • Lewimcdoodle

  • HijackedGaming

25% 1 votes
75% 3 votes
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Lewimcdoodle says2013-09-18T03:39:26.2033479-05:00
CupCakeCola, you don't count, you are a school friend. XD
Lewimcdoodle says2013-09-18T03:43:54.7018323-05:00
He is winning. :P btw, Does anyone read the description of the polls? He said he doesn't so I am not too sure. XD

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