Liberal Countries vs Conservative Countries

Posted by: briantheliberal

In your opinion which countries tend to do better? Where would you rather live? Examples of highly Liberal Countries: Canada, Sweden, Argentina, Norway, Spain, United Kingdom. Examples of highly Conservative Countries: Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Russia, Indonesia, Jamaica, Iran.

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50% 22 votes
  • Ok let's look at the global map. Some of the most liberal countries include Poland Canada, Germany, and Norway Sweden and Finland. Some of the most conservative countries include Many in Africa, Russia, China, North Korea etc. which set of countries would you prefer to live in.

  • Liberal Countries obviously. Netherlands and Sweden have so low numbers of criminality and criminals in general, they have had to close many prisons and they are still probably going to have to close more prisons. Finland has the best educations as determined by PISA international exams scores. Norway, Australia, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, etc... Liberal countries have the best Index of human development. Denmark, Sweeden, Netherlands, etc.. also have very low rates of teenage pregnancy and STD infections. ------ Compare to more conservative countries. Latin America countries are much more conservative. Lot of conservative and as well religious (mostly catholic and evangelists) people. High crime rates, drug dealers, gangs, violations. High teenage pregnacy rates and std infections, etc... So are many countries in the middle East. Same as Latin America, but changing conservative catholics and evangelists for muslims, and worses in discrimination toward woman and LGBT than Latin America, and also, lot of terrorism from organizations like Al Qaeda in the past, and others, like Islamic State in actuality. Unite States also has a lot of conservative people It has one of the worst education system between industrialized 1 world countries, it also have high teenage pregnacy rates and some of the most dangerous areas with high criminalities rates in the world, like New Orleans, etc...

  • Who the heck do you think is growing the global economy? It sure isn't anti-business policies!

  • Conservatism relies heavily on growing the economy. Sure, wealth gaps will be large if you follow conservative ideas but if you're limiting rich people with higher taxes, you're basically saying that the work they put into having wealth should be declined from a higher taxation. I also feel that liberalism pushes democratic socialism. Socialism is one of the most similar form of government to that of Communism.

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briantheliberal says2015-03-10T05:08:38.1668844-05:00
If you want also include which country you like best or would live in if you could. I pick Canada, Sweden of the United Kingdom.
briantheliberal says2015-03-10T05:08:45.9979338-05:00
JuliusMach10 says2015-03-10T05:26:27.2455248-05:00
You literally listed the world's worst, most oppressive conservative countries. That's like me saying for liberals North Korea, China, Cuba and Laos.
Stefy says2015-03-10T05:58:52.6997115-05:00
Oh well. Those are the right wing countries. I guess we could theow in Israel. Even if you add cuba and china to the liberal list i think we still have the better option.
briantheliberal says2015-03-10T06:27:21.8175569-05:00
Julius, none of those countries are left wing. Just because they are communist, doesn't make them liberal. In fact they are all socially conservative, and fiscally moderate with most of their policies. Also feel free to add you own list of conservative countries that aren't oppressive, authoritarian states.
briantheliberal says2015-03-10T07:19:53.6754294-05:00
LOL a lot of conservatives voting on this poll know they wouldn't set one foot in any major conservative country, let alone live there. Just saying.
Krampus says2015-03-10T07:24:20.5698546-05:00
Obviously a biased question, not terribly shocking by someone named briantheliberal. You forgot to mention the United States, which both does really well and is where I would rather live. More people in America self Identify as conservative than liberal. If I remember correctly it's 38% (conservative) vs 23% (liberal).
briantheliberal says2015-03-10T07:39:28.8320298-05:00
Krampus, the United States is not a highly conservative country if it has a very strong liberal populace and government. We are moderate, or neutral. Our country is divided by two major political parties. There is nothing "biased" about this poll either than your own opinion.
briantheliberal says2015-03-10T07:41:37.2955593-05:00
You know what is a highly conservative country, Saudi Arabia. It has one of the highest conservative populace on the planet, and it's government is based on strong social and fiscal conservative policies.
Warik says2015-03-10T08:24:41.6043348-05:00
China is more capitalist than communist. Their government is big and controlling but still practices capitalism which is closer to facism. Out of the options briantheliberal gave, i would prefer liberal countries over conservative but it really just depends on the country
tajshar2k says2015-03-10T08:58:10.6324697-05:00
@briantheliberal Trust me, Canada isn't that great. Its basically the same as the U.S. I Lived in Toronto.
Vox_Veritas says2015-03-10T09:11:14.3849715-05:00
Don't forget that most of the "Liberal" countries included have capitalism as their economic system; Liberals typically hate capitalism, so this analogy isn't entirely accurate. Also, the definition of "conservative" isn't agreed upon everyone. American Conservatism certainly differs from Iranian Conservatism.
Vox_Veritas says2015-03-10T09:13:22.6792845-05:00
That is, you cannot show that Saudi Arabian Conservatism doesn't work and use that to show that American Conservatism doesn't work.
tajshar2k says2015-03-10T09:16:38.3914816-05:00
The U.S is the only moderate one. With both liberalism and conservatism
Vox_Veritas says2015-03-10T09:16:42.9482331-05:00
Free Market nations are typically successful; that aspect of American Conservatism has certainly been proven to be a good thing.
Vox_Veritas says2015-03-10T09:18:07.1710134-05:00
However, if you want to play this game, there are multiple "Liberal" nations out there which fare horribly, such as Cuba and North Korea (see what I did there?)
briantheliberal says2015-03-10T09:25:28.9672897-05:00
Cuba and North Korea are not liberal. Cuba and especially North Korea are both heavily restricted and rely on extremely high social stratification. The majority of their economic policies rely heavily on their military. They do not follow or agree with the majority of socially liberal policies either. The majority of the power and resources belong to the rich and elite, the poor usually have little to no power or access to resources. None of this is based on liberal ideologies.
briantheliberal says2015-03-10T09:48:05.3450910-05:00
Spectre2, I suggest you take a good look at the Middle East, the vast majority of Africa, Southeast Asia and conservative parts of Central and South America then talk about lies. They all live in poverty and political tyranny. Meanwhile the countries you mentioned are still doing better than them. In fact the only reason they aren't doing as well as they could be is because of the conservatives in their countries are limiting their progress. Name one highly conservative country you would even consider living in.
mdmark says2015-03-10T12:14:28.1363450-05:00
@Briantheliberal, your facts are extremely skewed. By using strictly liberal ideology a country can not flourish. When money is taken from the people and pulled into the government (Africa) you end up with, as you stated, "political tyranny." The "rich and elite" that live in those countries often work for the government or they are sponsored by the government. I'm not saying conservatism is the end all be all, but the reason the US is a great country is because liberal and conservative people can work together to create jobs and allow money to flow while also helping the poor.
JuliusMach10 says2015-03-10T14:10:49.1268926-05:00
They all believe in redistribution so that differs from liberals how? Also conservative leaning countries I can list are South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and of course Singapore. As to your poke at conservatism intelligence, is it a mere coincidence that all of these establish the highest 4 IQ countries? All above your evil communists wit low IQs?
briantheliberal says2015-03-10T16:54:17.6098643-05:00
Mdmark, if my facts are "extremely skewed" feel free to tell me what is right. Notice I never said liberalism was perfect or the superior political platform, but countries that lean left are the most prosperous for a reason. I cannot think of one highly social or fiscally conservative country that is successful, and not oppressive.
briantheliberal says2015-03-10T16:56:49.3660901-05:00
Julius, more lies from the right. South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore are all MODERATE just like the United States. They hold on to strong cultural values, but they are highly progressive nations that also rely on some socialistic policies. Don't take credit for something that doesn't represent you.
mdmark says2015-03-10T17:42:49.7132917-05:00
As i said above, money that is taken from the people and filtered through the government only hurts the economy. The "Rich and Elite" are government workers in liberal countries. Instead of trying to provide everything to everyone (which is impossible and creates debt) countries should work on helping the small businesses prosper to intern create jobs. More jobs = less poor + more money spent and put back into the economy. This is the conservative ideology.
briantheliberal says2015-03-10T19:03:29.6978353-05:00
And how is that somehow better than extreme capitalism where large corporations have more power than the people? In the U.S. corporations have even sent the majority of our jobs to foreign countries to avoid paying U.S. citizens a decent living wage, leaving millions of potential workers out of the job market. There has to be a balance, and power needs to be limited by the federal government, which is a liberal ideology. More power in corporations = less jobs, no money being earned, spent or put back into the economy. That is the real conservative ideology.
briantheliberal says2015-03-10T19:12:08.0135315-05:00
A lot of conservatives apparently don't want to admit that their policies only benefit the wealthy top 1% of the country, and nobody else. But remember when everyone is poor and don't have jobs, who is going to buy the goods distributed by the corporations that only exist because of the people. Key word, balance.
JuliusMach10 says2015-03-10T20:29:32.2648748-05:00
They do represent me. Especially Hong Kong. I never totally disagreed with some socialism, as I do not fully support the free market. They are moderate, but technically so are yours. They are definitely more conservative than USA, especially socially. Conservatism has nothing to do with the 1%, at least in the way I believe. It's not about giving them tax breaks, it's about equality. Why do the wealthy who built themselves up from nothing just like the rest of us deserve to have their money sucked up like a vacuum and spit out to people who deserve nothing? Nobody "deserves" anything. If any social welfare should be given it should be to the disabled and elderly only. Our corporate taxes are so high companies are just flat out leaving. The reasons these jobs have been exported is because unionization has literally killed the appeal of the american worker by demanding ridiculous wages and benefits for their skill sets. Americans would be much more employable if they could at least accept fair salaries for their skills. Let's be honest, working in a factory requires no education at all and anyone can do it. This is why these people deserve nothing more than the absolute MINIMUM wage! Such simple Ideas, such widespread ignorance
JuliusMach10 says2015-03-10T20:33:14.0926088-05:00
Without corporations millions and millions would no have jobs so they need to be given incentive to stay here, not tax them over the borders! Easy cuts can be made to the budget to make up for this such as eliminating Marxist entitlement programs that do nothing but make people want to work even less.
briantheliberal says2015-03-10T21:08:14.9439787-05:00
Julius, Do they represent you? Hong Kong is divided by several major political platforms, four to be exact, two being based on major left wing ideologies, the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong and the Democratic Party of Hong Kong. The others are the Civic Party, which is more moderate and better compared to the United States Libertarian Party and the Federation of Trade Unions. Then there is the Liberal Party of Hong Kong, which is actually the conservative party here (Liberal for some reason means conservative in the East). The majority of Hong Kong's politics are moderate, they balance capitalism with socialistic policies to maintain economic stability. Unlike American conservatives, they don't rely too much on capitalism because they actually realize the importance of human labor, and even have labor unions to protect workers from corporations who attempt to abuse their power. This is pretty much the same or very similar in both South Korea and Japan as well. In regards to social issues, all three countries are also MODERATE, and their nations' political parties, like the United States, are divided by age in which the younger ones are more progressive and the older ones are more conservative on issues like same-sex marriage, abortion etc... So no, they do not represent you, because they aren't very different from the United States. You have your conservatives, you have you liberals, there is a balance between the two parties and many times they work together to maintain cultural and political order. Try again.
briantheliberal says2015-03-10T21:18:19.9229726-05:00
And to be clear, I am not against corporations or capitalism. I am against extreme wealth inequality and corporations who take jobs away from poor, hardworking Americans by giving them to foreign labor workers who they barely pay enough to live like decent human beings to begin with, that also includes domestic workers as well, which is why I am for a rise in the minimum wage. If there was more government intervention to prevent these things, I would have no issue with them, but for some reason conservatives think it's "equal" for the rich to take advantage of the poor by receiving all the tax breaks, and allowing them to find loopholes in the system to avoid paying taxes to begin with. You call that equal? There is nothing equal about rich people living large, while the poor suffer. If they make more money, they should be paying more taxes, not less, but they don't. If you are for equality you would be against this. There would be no need for "Marxist entitlement programs" if you actually allowed poor people to make a decent living wage.
briantheliberal says2015-03-10T21:25:15.4051524-05:00
Krampus says2015-03-11T09:04:43.0600175-05:00
You say that you are not against capitalism, but your arguments are. What parts of capitalism do you actually agree with? Capitalism does benefit everyone, the wealthy get more of the benefit because they invest more into it, such as providing capital, entrepreneurship, and labor to start businesses to both make themselves some money and provide jobs to others. I don't know where you are getting your info that the rich don't pay taxes, the vast vast vast majority of tax revenue the gov't takes in each year is almost exclusively paid by the rich. Even if some do find ways to cheat the tax system and pay a much smaller percent of their total income, they are still paying way more taxes than poor people. If someone who makes $1 million a year cheats the system and only pays 1% of their income a year, that's $10k in taxes paid a year. Compare that to the average income in the US of $27k a year paying 25% income taxes which is $6.75k in taxes paid a year. Sure the poor are paying a higher percent of their total income, but that's a relative number. The rich are paying more in taxes than poor people no matter how you look at it. The fact that they have more money left over is irrelevant, why charge them more just because they have more. It isn't very capitalistic to punish people for making money, in fact, its the sole incentive for people to better their lives. Why do you think they "steal jobs from poor people and send them overseas"? It's because of regulations and unions that make it impossibly expensive to pay for labor here. Contrary to what you evidently believe, most business owners don't just have huge scrooge mcduck money pits to dive into and are just choosing to not give more to their employees, in fact business owners recognize that its worth it to them to pay more for quality workers. The problem that workers here have is that they feel entitled to more money without producing the labor to match it. The issue I have with your socialist point of view of income inequality depicted in your linked schematic is that you believe that people should always end up with the same outcome, regardless of the choices they make in life. You believe that if there is ever a situation where someone comes out with a better outcome that someone else then it MUST mean that that person was exploited by the first person, rather than the people having equal opportunity from the beginning and having their outcome decided by their choices in life (i.E. Finishing high school, going to college, having a child at a young age, not working, working, etc.). A more correct depiction of how a liberal would view that schematic you linked would be for all of the people would be the same height, man A got a college degree and job and worked hard for 2 boxes, man B got a high school education and job and worked for 1 box and man C didn't finish high school because he had a kid, and chose not to work and get free income from the government. You liberal view would be that even though they started the same height, they didn't end up with the same number of boxes, so man A must have been sexist/racist/bigoted and exploited both men B and C (who are both just victims of their society), while man B, even though is exploited by man A, is also an exploiter of man C. So men A and B are threatened by the government through force of law to redistribute their boxes to the men who have less than them, until they are all equal. This brings us back to the ultimate question of socialism, which is: What incentive would man C (or anyone else) have to work for more boxes, if they know that they can just get some for free at other's expense.
heil8 says2015-03-11T09:10:26.7834458-05:00
Labor Unions divide the different social classes and put them against each other. Strikes put rich against poor. This destroys social economic harmony which Hitler worked very hard preserve where people should not see themselves as different social classes and bond to their social class. They should instead bind to nationality, ethnic and racial ties and not economic ties.
briantheliberal says2015-03-11T11:34:10.5160016-05:00
Krampus, "You say that you are not against capitalism, but your arguments are." - And exactly where did I imply in any of my arguments that I was against capitalism? Nowhere. So right off the bat, your making false accusations about me and what I believe. I made it clear multiple times that I am not against capitalism, I am against unregulated economic policies in general. Relying too heavily on capitalism is NOT a good thing and does not contribute to the economy when you large corporations have too much power and deprive millions of Americans of potential employment by moving labor to foreign nations to avoid paying their employees a decent living wage so they can make more and more money. And because conservatives are also against the minimum wage, welfare and universal healthcare that only adds fuel to the fire. If people aren't making enough money, they cannot afford to buy things and contribute to the economy, that cannot afford decent health insurance (or any insurance), they cannot afford to pay for a higher education. Conservatives want to turn everything into a money grubbing business, and it's that kind of greed that destroys a nation, instead of helping it. If conservatives were solely responsible for the economic policies of this country, only the elite will benefit, while everyone else struggles. Like I said before, when it comes to economic issues, there needs to be a balance. We cannot rely too much on one thing and expect everything to be stable.
briantheliberal says2015-03-11T11:39:07.4874905-05:00
"You liberal view would be that even though they started the same height, they didn't end up with the same number of boxes, so man A must have been sexist/racist/bigoted" - Oh I see, use the "racist card", because apparently every liberal in world thinks everyone is nothing but a bigoted, racist, homophobe. You have now lost any credibility in any of your statements when you resorted to idiotic stereotypes and assumptions about my character. So I won't bother reading or responding to any of your nonsense from this point onward.
briantheliberal says2015-03-11T11:40:58.0269647-05:00
Heil8, I hope you're joking.
JuliusMach10 says2015-03-11T13:54:30.4384769-05:00
Oh my goodness briantheliberal you have no idea what you are talking about. Hong Kong is literally the conservative haven of the planet. They have the #1 rated economic freedom in the world. Guess who came in second. Singapore! Yes there are different parties, but all are very conservative in comparison to their usa translated equivalents. From "The competitive and transparent regulatory framework supports dynamic business formation and operation. The labor market is vibrant, with flexible and well-enforced labor codes. Working hours and wages are largely determined by the market. Monetary stability is maintained through the exchange-rate peg to the U.S. dollar. The government provides some low-cost housing and green energy subsidies." Does it get more conservative? Yep "The standard income tax rate is 15 percent, and the top corporate tax rate is 16.5 percent. The overall tax burden equals 13.7 percent of domestic income. Government expenditures amount to 18.5 percent of gross domestic product. Public debt is low, and a budget surplus has been maintained" These are all significantly low tax rates, especially compared to the outlandish taxes American citizens and companies are supposed to say. USA has corporate taxes of up to 39 percent compared to the mere 16.5% in HK! To put this in perspective, the DIFFERENCE between their percentage and HK's percentage is STILL ABOVE WORLD AVERAGE! You cannot place USA and Hong Kong in this vague "moderate" category. Hong Kong is CLEARLY more fiscally conservative. "Hong Kong has a 0 percent average tariff rate and remains one of the world’s most open economies for international trade and investment. The highly developed and prudently regulated financial system offers a wide range of innovative financing options. The banking sector is dynamic and resilient. The large and growing financial exposure to the mainland continues to deepen." What more can I say.
JuliusMach10 says2015-03-11T14:01:26.7151089-05:00
Also, I understand you are entitled to your opinion on minimum wages, but making them rise will just create less jobs and companies will begin to rapidly find innovations to replace them, creating even less jobs. I know it sounds nice in theory to have people get more and live decent, but the reality is that businesses are not going to put up with paying some American with no skill $15 an hour when they can get people in china to do it for 50 cents an hour. The only reason our jobs are exported as of today is because wages are already too high for businesses to have any incentive to stay. If they are raised significantly, you can be sure that companies will do anything they can to avoid hiring them. Since all of these remaining minimum wage jobs require no education or high level thinking, they will most likely just be automated, and then unemployment will start to skyrocket, versus if they were set by the market value as the case is in HK, wages stay reasonable but do not drive out business.
Krampus says2015-03-11T14:12:30.2958043-05:00
Brian, I wasn't assuming anything about your character, I have seen you specifically call not only individuals on this site racist, but also conservatives as a whole racist. Also, you don't need to specifically say you are against capitalism for people to notice you are, you spout liberal ideology in virtually all of your posts, and your beliefs that you vocalize are in nature anti-capitalism, such as "power needs to be limited by the federal government, which is a liberal ideology. More power in corporations = less jobs, no money being earned, spent or put back into the economy. That is the real conservative ideology.". Also, something worth noting, you don't seem to know the difference between capitalism and corporatism (liberals tend to equate the two). Capitalists are against corporatism because they believe in an actual free market. Corporatism is not a free market. You saying that you support capitalism, but then preceding to say how evil it is in one of your liberal rants is the equivalent to someone saying "I'm not racist, but...".
Varrack says2015-03-11T14:18:52.0222409-05:00
Low tax rates are a sign of economic freedom.
Krampus says2015-03-11T14:22:11.4049829-05:00
Varrack, I agree 100%.
Stefy says2015-03-11T15:44:30.6923239-05:00
Low tax rates are a sign of a culture of selfishness and ignorance.
tajshar2k says2015-03-11T15:56:56.8235253-05:00
I disagree that one ideology is superior to the other in the U.S. Even though I would probably vote Democrat, I do agree with some conservative policies over the liberal ones. I think a lot of people are forgetting something though. Being Democrat doesn't necessarily mean you are liberal, and supporting the GOP doesn't mean you are conservative. They are just 2 parties which favor the opposite sides of the spectrum. The biggest reason I support Democrats is because I feel they are more trustworthy compared to the GOP. I have no problem voting Republican if they have a decent candidate.
briantheliberal says2015-03-11T21:28:17.5959954-05:00
Low tax for the rich only are not a sign of economic freedom. It's a sign of greed and self-destruction.
briantheliberal says2015-03-11T21:30:00.7412118-05:00
Krampus, like I said, you have lost any credibility in what you say. And fyi, if you don't want to be called a racist, NEWSFLASH, don't say and do racist things! Wow! Isn't that surprising?!
briantheliberal says2015-03-11T21:41:21.1377270-05:00
Julius, here you go again with your lies. I actually know someone on this site who lives in Hong Kong and even they said you were wrong. In Hong Kong they have progressive tax rates, social welfare and security (including the Comprehensive Social Security Allowance, Old Age Allowance, and transfers in kind like public housing), public hospitals, and healthcare facilities, anti-discrimination laws for race, sex and disability in place, and soon for sexual orientation. They are even working on legalizing same-sex marriage. None of these are conservative policies. Hong Kong is no more conservative than the United States. They are a highly progressive nation, especially among the younger generation of Hong Kong citizens. Keep being delusional and taking credit for something you're not responsible for to make yourself feel better about your flawed ideologies.
Krampus says2015-03-12T07:58:13.8060798-05:00
Wow, shocker brian, rather than counter any of the points I made, you pulled the classic go-to move from the liberal play book of dodging every single thing I said, calling me racist and running away under the guise that I lost credibility because I "assumed something about your character" or accusing you of calling people racist with no evidence of them acting in such a manner. Like I said, I didn't assume anything about your character, I stand by what I said. I have seen many instances of when you call both a person and conservatives as a whole racist on this site, and only one instance of which actually warranted it. Then you proceeded to insinuate that I am bigoted for assuming all liberals think that way, which is you exhibiting the exact behavior you were upset that I "assumed" you would do. Show me an instance where I actually contradicted myself, or lied, or made an invalid point to ruin my own credibility. I noticed you responded to precisely ZERO of my points, especially in regards to you not supporting capitalism, which, let's be honest: the real question of this poll should have been: Would you rather live in a socialist country or a capitalist country?
briantheliberal says2015-03-12T17:44:55.5273869-05:00
Krampus, I didn't dodge anything you said, I just don't feel like anything you say is worthy of a response because all you do is rely on prejudgments and stereotypes to prove a point that didn't make sense to begin with. But leave it to a conservative to falsely accuse a liberal of calling everyone a racist, that seems to be the only thing conservatives ever do when a liberal confronts their ridiculous ideologies. I didn't even call you a racist anywhere in this comment section. You also have no evidence that I called conservatives racist as a whole either. In fact, YOU brought up the whole racist thing when you decided to assume that because I was a liberal, all I ever do is call people racist. After that point, yes, you lost your credibility because anyone who resorts to such asinine attacks are not worth talking to. You have already proven me right.
briantheliberal says2015-03-12T17:48:55.9779197-05:00
Oh and here is a tip, if you want someone to respond to you, keep it brief. Nobody wants to waste time responding to ridiculous rambling that would fill up an entire novel. No sane human being has the patience to read all of that, let alone respond to it. However, I did read it, and when I came across your nonsensical stereotyping of liberals, I already knew it wasn't worth a response.
JuliusMach10 says2015-03-12T18:01:13.3445393-05:00
You can't just dismiss every fact. These tax rates are public information so actually I couldn't care less about what your misinformed friend thinks. http://www.Internations.Org/hong-kong-expats/guide/15943-social-security-taxation/hong-kong-income-tax-for-expatriates-15940 http://www.Guidemehongkong.Com/taxation/personal-tax/hong-kong-salaries-personal-tax-guide http://workinginhongkong.Com/working-in-hong-kong/hong-kong-tax/# The MAXIMUM rate, for the richest man alive in HK is 17%. Compared to 39% in USA! This a huge difference! You can't simply throw all of this under the table. I never claimed they had no progressive tax, only that it is considerably more fair. Seriously stop denying literal facts you are wrong you cannot deny it. HK is much more conservative fiscally than USA and its impossible to deny if you have a brain (which I'm still not convinced you do) Also, flawed ideologies? All the pathetic socialist European countries you listed are doing absolutely HORRIBLE right now. They run enormous debt and have no means of reducing the deficit to any reasonable figure. They have weakening everything and will completely collapse with the next few decades. How exactly is that correct? Meanwhile, HK singaopore and others are thriving. Also quit bringing up social I told you I was never arguing for that you imbecile. You are the one living in fantasy world. My policies are far more efficient than the pathetic liberal countries you mentioned, who are all failing miserably economically.
briantheliberal says2015-03-12T18:17:18.3731807-05:00
JuliusMach, "All the pathetic socialist European countries you listed are doing absolutely HORRIBLE right now." - Yes, so are most of the Middle East, Africa, and highly conservative countries of Europe, South America and Asia. You know who is doing better than them? All of those "pathetic socialist European countries" you hate so much, not just economically, but socially as well. Just saying. But you can keep trying to take credit for countries that really don't lean either way, those countries, including Hong Kong, aren't doing so well either so I really don't understand why you're so obsessed with them.
JuliusMach10 says2015-03-12T19:51:57.6155624-05:00
No they are not! I'm in no way supporting the economics you call "conservative". You just pick random countries with conservative social issues and bunch them in with me. I told you I didn't support Iran's fiscal policy whatsoever yet you just assume because they have no human rights, that makes them fiscally conservative. I just proved HK obviously leans heavy right fiscally through various sources so take that as you may and ignore it like you just did it. I wouldn't actually say they are better socially but that is entirely opinion based on both sides and there really is no right answer to that. HK has a super low deficit, very low unemployment, and very high standard of living without having to redistribute tons of wealth and run up a super sized debt bill so I believe that shows they are definitely more healthy economically.
briantheliberal says2015-03-12T20:39:00.8492684-05:00
This thread clearly doesn't specify that is was based on fiscal issues to begin with. You are the one who chose to argue on behalf of fiscally conservative issues alone, and even then your arguments are still distorted and flawed. You claim that "HK obviously leans heavy right fiscally" simply because they have "a super low deficit, very low unemployment, and very high standard of living without having to redistribute tons of wealth and run up a super sized debt bill" so that automatically means they are a conservative country when they are not. You completely ignored the fact that HK relies heavily on welfare, social security, a socialized healthcare system, are very progressive on social issues etc... Along with South Korea, Japan and Singapore. There is nothing conservative about any of this. They are moderate, they do not lean further one way or the other, just like the United States. When it comes to conservative policies, in the United States, our healthcare system ranked as one the worst on the planet, and it relies on capitalism. But this isn't just about fiscal issues, it's the social issues that also determine whether or not a country is more liberal or conservative. And the more socially conservative the country, the more oppressive and the lower the country is on the human rights scale.
mdmark says2015-03-12T21:08:36.3603233-05:00
Brian don't tell me what my own ideology is and I won't tell you what yours is. I know exactly what my ideology is, while on the other hand, you obviously don't. That's why I'm trying to explain it to you.
mdmark says2015-03-12T21:12:01.2720124-05:00
And @stefy When there are too many taxes all of the money goes to the government and none to the people like you and me and briantheliberal. That's why high taxes are a problem.
briantheliberal says2015-03-12T21:22:23.8932089-05:00
Mdmark, what the hell are you going on about? I never told you what your ideologies are. I didn't even addressed you anywhere in this comment section. Stop trying to attack me for no apparent reason.
mdmark says2015-03-20T10:31:45.4359409-05:00
And I quote (from you) "And how is that somehow better than extreme capitalism where large corporations have more power than the people? In the U.S. corporations have even sent the majority of our jobs to foreign countries to avoid paying U.S. citizens a decent living wage, leaving millions of potential workers out of the job market. There has to be a balance, and power needs to be limited by the federal government, which is a liberal ideology. More power in corporations = less jobs, no money being earned, spent or put back into the economy. That is the real conservative ideology." Where as you are clearly not conservative please do not tell me what my ideology is and how it works. You obviously don't understand conservative ideology, that is why I'm trying to explain it to you.
briantheliberal says2015-03-20T16:27:07.4172694-05:00
I don't have to be a conservative to tell you what conservative policies are and how they work. Get over yourself.
briantheliberal says2015-03-25T12:49:36.9968415-05:00
ConceptEagle, if you argue without resorting to name-calling, get the f-ck off of my poll.
ConceptEagle says2015-03-26T20:02:39.1808929-05:00
How is it bad to not do name-calling? Or did you mean you want to me to cite correctly?
ConceptEagle says2015-03-26T20:07:26.0667123-05:00
Oh nevermind I was thinking that name-calling only meant branding people with insulting titles. I am sorry, JuliusMach and BrianTheLiberal.
CyberConor says2015-04-08T13:12:35.8747184-05:00
This is more authoritarian v. Libertinism. If you want to talk about money wise, I would choose Conservative over liberal. America=Conservative
retrogamer176 says2015-04-08T13:19:55.0878252-05:00
@themightyindividual uhh. So you think Africa, Russia, China, North Korea etc. are the ones growing the global economy and not Poland Canada, Germany, and Norway Sweden and Finland?
CobaltCards says2017-05-31T02:11:43.3936453Z
I'm a conservative but I have a problem. I had a hard time voting for "conservative countries" because a lot of conservative ones are oppressive regimes in the middle east. However, I picked it because I feel like non-oppressive conservative countries do better themselves such as Austria.
malcolmmwa says2017-10-29T18:32:32.8445392Z
China and North Korea are conservative countries... So apparently communism is conservative...
dlugose says2020-09-04T23:09:55.8506720Z
Liberal countries adapt better to social needs, And have a greater tendency to trust in human nature and the possibilities of producing better citizens using education, Rehabilitation, And adaptation of the plan of government to unforeseen scenarios when constitutions are created. While democracies tend to do better to meet the general needs, Education is necessary for citizens to make good choices. Hamilton was right to be suspicious of a popular vote, As shown by the difficulty in getting Trump out of office despite repeated violations of the constitution, And the past lack of amendments to protect elections from huge involvement of corporations, And domination of the press by corporate interests. I have spent more than three and a half years living out of the US doing volunteer work, And a year and a half in an American territory. One of the large factors - how people interpret their religious and scientific beliefs is based in part if you consider conservative to be related to fundamentalism which is statistically true though not necessarily by definition. Fundamentalism can be mitigated by universal good education.

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