Liberals: Would you be happy if conservatives didn't exist?

Posted by: Haroush

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TBR says2015-07-27T19:07:51.2567292-05:00
The lines would simply shift. The new conservative would be the moderate of today. The differences will exist regardless of how big the difference.
tajshar2k says2015-07-27T19:21:51.4869430-05:00
Not really. I don't support all liberal policies.
themightyindividual says2015-07-28T19:55:48.7287383-05:00
I am a classic liberal (what they now call "libertarian") so I can technically vote on this liberals-only poll.
Haroush says2015-07-28T20:34:21.3020382-05:00
TMI, At least you admit Libertarians are liberals.
Haroush says2015-07-28T20:34:55.3740582-05:00
Really I am a classic conservative.
tajshar2k says2015-07-28T20:37:41.3769269-05:00
What are liberals then?
themightyindividual says2015-07-29T02:24:17.6603971Z
@Haroush I admit the philosophy of libertarians was called "liberal" in the 19th century. Those called "liberal" today are definitely not libertarians, they are on the left side of the spectrum. Conservative and libertarian are on the right side.
themightyindividual says2015-07-29T02:25:02.3078833Z
@Taj Modern liberals subscribe to a slightly diluted version of socialism.
themightyindividual says2015-07-29T02:25:45.8165622Z
SPECTRUM: Communism - Socialism - Liberalism (modern) - Conservative - Libertarian
Haroush says2015-07-28T21:26:37.9836385-05:00
But there is a big difference. Also, you do know what a classic conservative is, right?

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