• Energy Sword

  • Lightsaber

33% 10 votes
67% 20 votes
  • Better way of not hurting yourself

  • the energy sword is made for disarming and protection and the light saber isn't its the exact opposite making the light saber obsolete

  • For one it offers a much more varied fighting style due to not surrounding your hand. As a side note, someone voted yes and essentially said the energy sword is safer. Come on, your hand is literally surrounded by the energy of that sword! How is that safer?!

  • sorry big halo fan but i would have to go with the lightsaber.

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ligit_gamer says2017-03-24T21:11:24.7435732Z
This was a cool debate make more man!
miketheratguy says2018-01-27T07:41:04.7089187Z
The energy sword is from a much dumber IP and it looks the part.

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