Long Distance Relationships Vs. Short Distance Relationships

Posted by: Razenbran

I have had both long distance and short distance relationships. I am looking for which one people prefer.

  • Long Distance

  • Short Distance

50% 11 votes
50% 11 votes
  • It will grow your love stronger. You will miss that person, and you would want to see them. If you have a close relationship you will get sick of each other some times. When you do meet, you will have the best time of your life. You will also want to be with that person every chance you get.

    Posted by: leojm
  • I, now that i think of it, agree with you for a couple reasons, first i have noticed my girlfriend and i have a long distance relationship, and its great, i miss her alot, and i cant wait to see her when i can, second in my short distance relationships, they haven't lasted long, and they haven't gone exactly as they should have

  • Long distance is frustrating, but I lose all my short distance relationships while my long distance ones survive. Also, the close-distance ones hurt to lose.

  • I am in a long distance relationship and when people tell me that it's 'not real' just because I don't see my boyfriend a lot, don't understand what an actual relationship Is or what it is to be in love, love isn't measured by physical touches, if you can touch someone's heart from 6000 miles away then that's someting special. In a long distance relationship, you get to knkw the person for who they are,not their social status or superficial things like that. You build up a lot of trust and a very strong bond between two people that is hard to break. The feeling I get when I'm in his arms free over 10 months apart is better than anything I've ever experienced, it's way better than wasting your life with the wrong people and getting hurt over and over again. Even though I found the most amazing person I've ever met, he lives far from me and I don't see him much, doesn't mean we don't love eachother any less. Love is love and I don't see why people don't think relationships like mine aren't real.

  • long distance is hard but your relationship grows so much more! GOD will show you the way if its true and right so trust in him! GOD taught me and my partner to learn how to communicate to each other better. if you have short close relationship you don't communicate as much cause you can hug it out or change the subject but with long distance you have to learn how to resolve problems with love caring and communicating instead of shrugging it off.

  • long distance never work out

  • Don't go long-distance if you don't practice abstinence. Also, it almost never works, and if it does, it's miserable 90% of the time. Just go short-distance in my opinion.

    Posted by: yay842
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Doesn't matter

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