Lost Ages

Posted by: Kinryu

This is going to be one of those 'text-based games' which will be done over a series of polls. With a groan you wake up, your body sore and bruised. You feebly manage to lift your head off the ground, and you find yourself among a soirée of corpses. Flashes of the battle come back to you, when you suddenly hear a group of horsemen riding by. Do you....

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Stay Down

The horsemen could be the enemy, so you hunker down until they pass.
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Call For Help

You're not sure if they are friend or foe, but considering your injuries and lack of resources, you're willing to take the chance.
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Epic9988 says2015-03-07T10:12:51.3696049-06:00
Cool idea, man! I look forward to seeing more entries in the series.
Kinryu says2015-03-07T10:21:58.4354842-06:00
Thanks for being the first to vote. Note that if you picked answer 1, pick the poll that will have the (1). That poll will be a continuation of the first answer. Different answers have different 'stories' with some leading to dead ends.

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