• Love

  • Hate

26% 11 votes
74% 31 votes
  • He's better than everyone else in the running.

  • hes just a character. From an Aussie point of view, the US needs a character as their leader

  • He is the only one that can beat Hillary noone else has a chance. We don't need canadians, and the rest don't have a chance.

  • He can beat Hillary. That's all I need for him to have my vote.

  • A bigot and a racist we cannot have this man as the leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world.

  • When anarchists want to vote for someone because they think he'll destabilize the government, you know something's wrong.

  • I'll sum it up with three words he's a dick.

  • He doesn't support the LGBT community.

  • Trump is stupid, but whats scary is he has so many followers. That's how Hitler came in to power. He didn't do it alone. With Trumps ideas, we might have another Hitler on our hands, just with worse hair.

  • I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT STAND HIM! He is obnoxious, rude, ugly, creepy, overbearing, has NO CLASS whatsoever -- EWWWWWW! And he isn't even very intelligent.

  • I hate him over all because his arguments and beliefs are in personal interest and unorthodox. There is only one thing I like about what he has CLAIMED and that is "Trump Wall", which is what I would consider an "Isolationist Movement".

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snkcake666 says2016-03-11T02:49:31.8879371Z
There is no neither option? I do not particularly care for him either way, but I would sincerely hope he would not win primaries, much less general elections.

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