Mac vs PC

Posted by: IRISH13

Do you prefer Mac pr PC?

Poll closed on 8/30/2015 at 12:00AM.
  • Mac

  • PC

18% 3 votes
82% 14 votes
  • I had a mac for 7.5 years before I got a new one. It worked with no issues. Never had a virus. Never had virus protection. Barely slowed down at all. The only problem way it got to be so old they didn't update it anymore. I just bought the newest MacBook Pro and like it. Ive owned an HP and Dell and they were alright.

  • Much cheaper. Better performance. More customization. More games. More apps. More programs. Won't be "old" in 5+ years. And so on...

  • Macs are over engineered as they go obsolete before they wear out.

  • Better performance.

  • This picture explains it all.

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