Male Characters or Female Characters

Posted by: dylangraphic23

Who do you prefer?

  • Male Characters

  • Female Characters

54% 13 votes
46% 11 votes
  • Although there are many cool female characters there are cooler male characters like saitama, Goku, Superman, All might, Vegeta, And naruto

  • Although I voted for male characters, I definitely enjoy when awesome female characters are introduced, As you don't see many nowadays. Then again, More and more cool female characters are being introduced over time (ex. Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Hermione Granger, Etc. ).

    Posted by: Uipyo
  • Male because they are physically stronger than females and make decisions based on logic and think more rationally than the latter. Also because I love Batman(animated one, Of course)!

  • There are a lot of good Female Characters, But of late it appears as if Female characters are created with Male characteristics thus leading to bland female characters, And just a failure to flush them out to make them more appealing to the audience. Male Characters of late haven't done as great but in comparison between something like Captain Marvel and Shazaam(The other Captain Marvel), The Male Character was better developed while the Female Character was bland and lacked character development.

    Posted by: Vorhut
  • I'm a male soooo. . . ᕙᓄ(ಥ﹏ಥ)ᓇᕗ go males!

  • They are funny

  • FEMALe i am a woman and god gets confused when i say the wrong gender transnies are sinners

  • Girl characters dose main thing but boy character gets the name which sometimes isn't fair. Girls are super cute, Smart and hard work. So heck yeah

  • Females have the rights to have enough to set an example to the men, And so other way around. Men here are stupid, And women in here are smart.

  • that booty

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drakeme says2019-04-08T16:58:32.8056112Z
Although there are many cool female charactors as of now male charactors are way cooler. Theres saitama in one punch man, Theres superman. Theres naruto and Sasuke in naruto. Theres all might in my hero academia, Flash, Etc

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