Man Or Machine?

Posted by: mrembert44

Which is better man's willpower, and knowledge or a machines advancement, and strength,

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debate_power says2015-05-02T11:17:13.8329116-05:00
We are machines. We just consist of different materials. I admire our advancement more, anyway.
mrembert44 says2015-05-02T15:54:39.0702452-05:00
If we are machines then how do you explain our Consciousness? Our Emotions? Our Birth? Machines are built, not born. We are in no way close related to machines, unless you want to add physical outside structure, and that still doesn't include all machines.
debate_power says2015-05-02T15:56:36.0078971-05:00
Well, you're right that we're not built. But your conscious is electro-chemical, your emotions are electro-chemical, and virtually all other of your functions are electrical or chemical.
mrembert44 says2015-05-02T16:07:29.4861222-05:00
Our body runs on energy, not electricity, that we get from nutritious food, not batteries or fossil fuels. We have a brain that can think for itself and make it's own decisions, not a microchip that is programmed, has artificial intelligence, or is controlled. Therefore we are not any type of electronic, but we are in the Kingdom Animalia, our Phylum is Chordata, Class is Mammalia, in the Order of Primates, and the Family of Hominidae, and the Genus Homo, with the Species Sapiens.

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