Manual transmission cars VS Automatic transmission cars

Posted by: Shmrock

Poll closed on 6/20/2018 at 12:00AM.
  • Manual cars are better than automatic cars.

  • Automatic cars are better than manual cars.

85% 11 votes
15% 2 votes
  • Manuels have acted as a great tool for teaching new drivers how to drive- it requires arguably more focus, awareness, and precision which are crucial for any driver. They keep you busy due to shifting at several different points in time- improving your awareness and reaction timing/ speed, as well as even your precision and focus. Of course, these factors will always improve with more practice behind the wheel, however, I see more improvement or at the very least at a more rapid pace.

  • You have alot more control over what the car does and can become a better drive with experience

    Posted by: Daniil
  • Even though in modern society automatic cars are just as efficient in mileage and power, with the good old manual you not only have more control over the vehicle, your probably less tempted to drink and drive, their easier to repair, deter theft, and are way way more fun to drive.

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    etsukoayako says2018-09-22T20:08:59.1132940Z
    Eh, There's a few issues with this straight vote. My neighbor has a really damaged knee and can't work a clutch like she used to. So now she drives an automatic. There are really good reasons to drive either transmission.
    32000 says2018-11-12T17:07:09.7936231Z
    Be my mom
    32000 says2018-11-12T17:07:55.3300231Z
    Yor mom
    XDLOLMAN says2019-02-13T08:38:50.2039971Z
    Manual gives full control
    ZackCarr says2019-04-26T20:03:00.8752803Z
    Manual is a thing of the distant past. Most vehicles computers are faster and more efficient at shifting than a manual.
    ZackCarr says2019-04-26T20:03:40.0624803Z
    Manual card suck to drive
    awesome12321 says2019-06-17T10:24:57.9720548Z
    It doesn't matter

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