• Marijuana should be legal for recreational use

  • Marijuana should not be legal for recreational use

53% 17 votes
47% 15 votes
  • Marijuana is responsible for less deaths than any other drug out there including many prescription medications. The drug associated with more deaths than any other known drug is alcohol. No matter how you try to spin that our priorities are completely screwed. Keeping marijuana legal strictly for medical use can make it inaccessible to people who are currently using highly addictive pain killers as well as the other drugs needed to counter the side effects of said pain killers, When they could be using just one very cheap drug. They are in some states (like mine) being denied medical marijuana cards by doctors who insist that it has no medical benefits what so ever, No matter how many doctors disagree with them. I'm sure they would tell you that their opinion has nothing to do with the ridiculous sums of money they make by prescribing all those pills (compared to marijuana where they stand to make virtually nothing), But I'm also sure they would be lying. Keeping it strictly medical also keeps the prices higher ensuring that those who can't afford it remain untreated, When the drug is relatively cheap to produce. As a side note (since I'm already leaving a wall of text) Keeping marijuana illegal on the federal level makes it very hard for medical teams studying it for further possible medical uses to get a sample. Since dispensaries are (rightly) worried that giving them samples could bring the feds down on them. I went on that very long and boring rant to explain exactly how and why keeping marijuana legal strictly for medical use will continue to keep it away from those who could benefit from it. All that isn't even mentioning the economic effects of legalizing it for recreational use.

  • It should be because it is a good stuff

  • i only say no because my dad was addicted and it screwed up my life as a kid. Some of my younger friends smoke weed MULTIPLE times a day and im over here 17 years sober and i hate seeing how they act.

    Posted by: GioBMX
  • Imagine people smoking Marijuana everywhere, I don't think anyone would like people killing theirselves because of drugs like marijuana

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EgoSumDeus says2018-11-16T17:37:08.5346814Z
This substance creates a degenerative society and lessens productivity. Although it is perfectly reasonable to suggest marijuana as legal for medical purposes as I advocate highly for.

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