Mario vs. Luigi fistfight

Posted by: Ethan14

Who would win in a fistfight. Mario or Luigi from Super Mario Bros.?

  • Mario

  • Luigi

32% 6 votes
68% 13 votes
  • Boxing stat wise ... Luigi has a huge reach advantage, age is about the same, height to Luigi, weight maybe goes to Mario? I have a feeling Luigi is faster on his feet too.

  • He'd just jump over him. Faster, a fan favourite, and so long as mario can't wall jump over him, no way for Mario to ground pound him. Logically, not going to go Mario's way. Instead of this, maybe get Super Smash Bros- although come to think of it, neither seems to win more often.

  • Faster, can jump higher, all-around better in a fight. Even if he's a little scared.

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JJHBOI says2019-12-28T22:39:41.4592191Z
I picked Luigi for several reasons. One, His physical attributes. He is faster, Jumps higher & when he uses triple jump he starts to scuttle jump for more height. Also the ability to jumps higher means when he ground pounds the momentum will cause more damage to foes. Two, Nintendo admitted that Luigi is smarter than Mario. Luigi has even done things better than Mario ever would. Also, Even when he was brainwashed into being Mr. L (also known as Green Thunder) he was still able to be the game boss. And Mario was SO stupid Mario didn't realize that Luigi was brainwashed. He never said anything about the new look either. Luigi even managed to beat King Boo, Which Mario was unable to do at the time, Even though he was afraid of ghosts. This shows Luigi's loyalty and determination. If Mario did end up attacking Luigi (probably got mad because Luigi is a better athlete) Luigi's determination to end his problem would be able to easily battle anything Mario had. Luigi is kinder than Mario, Causing him to have more friends to back him up. Also, Just look at Super Mario Galaxy. When you collect all the stars, Luigi becomes the star of the game and the difficulty is raised. I theorize this is because if you made Luigi play with the same difficulty it would be too easy, One because you know how to do all the stuff already and two cause Luigi is too awesome for Mario's difficulty. Also for those who say "Oh, Luigi won't fight Mario. He's a pussy, " Luigi even fought Super Mario Bros 3. In Super Mario Bros 3, Luigi is still fuming at Mario. Mario gets captured and Luigi rescues him. (AGAIN! )This shows that Luigi will keep his emotions in check to get the job done. Mario doesn't, Although I will admit he does a good job at using his anger to help him. Luigi is more of a tank(probably due to his clumsy nature toughening him to endure his falls), Luigi is better equipped than Mario, Dream Luigi grants Luigi INSANE power, Luigi is way stronger as Dream Luigi, Luigi Knows White Tanooki's weakness, While Mario doesn't know DREAMY LUIGI'S weakness, And doesn't Luigi have the same power ups as Mario (and more) plus he knows the power ups weaknesses? I'm just sayin'

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