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repulsor101 says2013-09-13T17:25:26.3854666-05:00
Not only would DC's heroes win in a fight against Marvel's heroes, their movies are so much better.
Terracronus says2014-06-28T10:19:05.4671530-05:00
Since I've always been a Marvel fan, i'll of course vote for Marvel, and don't get me wrong i read comics from both but i find Marvel comics to be more engaging than the DC, at least for me.
AtomicWabbit says2014-06-30T15:28:59.3964483-05:00
Marvel is waaaaaaay better than dc because dc is two OP marvel has strong characters but not like superman by the way how many dc movies is there compared to marvel i can only count batman superman and green lantern i believe the public has voted for marvel HELL YEAH
sorry_youre_wrong says2014-08-20T11:24:42.2936588-05:00
Yes, marvel's movies are better. But dc's animated movies are the best (fact)
Mi77ertron says2015-03-04T13:32:23.5841691-06:00
Both Marvel and DC fans have been debating this topic for years, but I am going to explain to you why Marvel is better than DC and why you should pick it as your main comic. This is in terms of themes, character deaths (Mainly villains), using their villains to their advantage and imperviousness. I warn you now that there will be spoilers ahead. Although both franchises have strived to master the entertainment industry, Marvel continues to thrive at the top. This is because Marvel incorporates humour along with serious themes, thus creating a bond between the characters and the viewers/readers. This is in contrast with DC, who have adhered to a 'no-jokes' policy. This is disastrous for the franchise's development, as it is harder for DC to appeal to a wider audience. Many DC products have dark sombre moods, especially the Batman franchise, where the theme is nearly always dark and brooding. Also, many DC titles focus on linear aspects; like Superman and Heroism or Batman and Vengeance. This can alienate many of its target audience, with no characters and moments to lighten the mood or subjects who can capture the imagination and conscious of its audience. Marvel, on the other hand, incorporates various themes, of which people can relate, into their films, such as humour and dark themes. Others include companionship, spirit and hate. As a result of this, it allows Marvel to challenge its audience and thus dominating the Comic Book Industry across many formats. The basis of DC's inability to conquer Marvel especially in the Film Industry, is down to use of character deaths, in which too many important villains die. Whilst both characters do kill off characters, DC is far too trigger happy to have its best villains die. Without Joker, there is no Batman. Yet Bane is perhaps Batman's most vital villain of all. On par with the bat for intelligence, Bane is well known for his great discipline, his ingenuity and strategical mind, added to the fact he is possibly one of Gotham's most physically-powered villains. However on both occasions DC have adopted Bane into a Batman movie, the company has not only failed to deliver on Bane's promise, but have him die ridiculously, on both occasions. First in the atrocious Clooney movie, where Bane was a simpering and stupid lackey that was defeated by merely having his venom tube kicked off by Robin and Batgirl, Batman's sidekicks. Then and perhaps worst of all, is run over by Anne Hathaway's Catwoman on a motorbike. And that's it. It happens elsewhere, with Superman's General Zod, his main enemy other than Lex Luthor, dying at the end of the most recent Superman movie, Man of Steel. Two of the best Comic Book villains of all time, and both are inexpicably killed off too soon. Conversely, Marvel have tried to keep their biggest villains alive, to use them in subsequent movies. Green Goblin, Thanos, Red Skull, a Captain America villain, Magneto, Winter Soldier, and especially Loki, have continued to pose a very real threat to Marvel's heroes after their first introduction. Want a believable bad guy like Darth Vader or Sauron? Let your biggest threat last longer than a hundred and twenty-minutes! This ties into DC's inability to draw on their best weapons; their villains. Batman is one of the most pivotal series of comics in DC history. However this is only the case due to the villains. If the villains weren't intriguing and threatening, then the Batman comics, and even Batman himself wouldn't be believable. However, as the villains are outstanding in their 'line of work,' this presents a challenge to Batman, as he has to fight for his survival. Batman's main feud is with his nemesis, the Joker. Over the years, Joker and Batman's feud has become iconic in DC. However, because the madman is so obsessed with the bat, he does not want to merely kill him, but to make him suffer. From being just a vicious enemy, Joker has shown character growth, becoming more compelling and thus serving as a pivotal part of what makes a Batman story so interesting. Not being able to convert this onto the big screen neuters Joker and by extension, the Batman story. The same could be said of General Zod and many other worthy villains that belong to Detective Comics. Compare that to Marvel, who have continued to represent their villains so superbly in movies to the point where Loki, a comic book villain that the wider audience would have struggled to identify before the Marvel movies of recent years, is now one of their most bankable aspects. Lastly, whilst Marvel and DC have many similarities, the most striking difference between both companies is that many DC heroes are impervious to most. They are invulnerable to almost everything that they should ultimately be vulnerable to. For example, Superman. He is an alien that has more powers than I could name. His weakness... A green rock that you cannot get on this planet. As a result, the Superman comics are quite boring and tend to play out the same way. He has three main threats; Lex Luthor, Doomsday and Darkseid. The reasons for this, both Doomsday and Darkseid have the ability to breathe in space, Lex Luthor, because he has the money to travel to space, other main canon villains such as the Joker or Reverse Flash are unable to defeat Superman as they lack the ability to come close. A favourite among Marvel fans, Wolverine seems impervious at first glance. This is due to his regenerative abilities, his adamantium skeleton and slow aging. His bones do not break, and he self heals from many wounds. Poisons and viruses do not work against him. Yet whilst he seems virtually immortal, the truth is any of Marvel's heroes can defeat him. Magneto, with his magnetic powers, practically makes a fool of the beloved hero. However, unlike many DC characters, who seem to have set villains, Wolverine is in fact, killed by somebody many of you may not know. Dr Abraham Cornelius, essentially the creator of Wolverine. Dying whilst saving three potential Weapon X candidates (A project of which turns both willing and unwilling subjects into living weapons) from being injected with liquid metal, the hero himself is liquefied by boiling metal, by a threat as human as you or I. This vulnerability allows a bond to form between the character and the viewer as it is more realistic. Because of this, it give us as an audience, a way to relate to the characters of Marvel, because they are like us and less superhuman. Boiling metal would kill most people, including Wolverine, however if Superman were to be in the situation, he would have been weakened, but not dead. This is why Marvel comics should be your main choice of comic. Marvel is just more entertaining than DC, DC is reluctant to use their villains to their fullest extent, killing off main villains for many plotlines; essentially disregarding the fan's opinions on the character. Marvel has better character development and they also have the vulnerability that allows us to relate to the character more. I know what you are all thinking now,... Make mine Marvel!
ArtemisFowlJr says2015-03-22T11:27:27.0739233-05:00
What Mi77 said needs to get passed around more often
WildFire85 says2015-04-23T10:16:57.1015775-05:00
Oh hell no repulsor101. The Marvel universe would kick DC's ass because they have the Hulks and Mutants. Marvel out numbers them five to one and plus, we've got Galactus son!
Humanities says2015-06-15T10:10:11.3100103-05:00
Marvel has stronger heroes and heroes with better anilities
PatriotPerson says2015-07-19T14:26:47.6419031-05:00
@WildFire85: We have The Anti-Monitor, son.
Niggghost says2019-02-26T12:27:09.5011072Z
Phuck Off Marvel

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