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ButterCatX says2015-05-04T08:21:26.7193900-05:00
Marvel has better, less OP super heroes. Dc has much better villains (and Batman), while the super heroes are severely OP
WouldYouKindly says2015-05-05T10:32:03.8081861-05:00
Um isn't the fact that DC heroes have more power mean that they are better than Marvel? Not trying to diss your opinion just trying to make since of them. Also it makes since that they have better villian's because they are so powerful. I like DC because unlike most Marvel characters, I like. DC includes more dark matters as well in my opinion
Thescarecrow066 says2015-05-06T08:58:01.9767439-05:00
Wouldyoukindly:I noticed that as well DC is a darker more intense set of villians and superheros and not talking about the Adam west cartoon in the 1960s but DC has been around longer and was the very first comic series that came out unlike marvel that came out in the 1970s DC has been working with all types while marvel is kinda all over the place which can be annyoing the heros are not OP they are infact leveled out with their rival, Batman-joker batman and joker both do not have powers however batman cannot kill and nethier can most of the heros in justice league. In marvel killing is a option
CyberConor says2015-05-06T18:55:09.6669344-05:00
The characters are op, but the story line isn't about kicking a$$. For superman, it's fitting in and learning how to gain people's trust. Batman is, well batman, the superhero that can kick anyone's house.
Niggghost says2019-02-26T14:38:03.8983072Z
DC for life
Asjie says2019-02-26T14:41:32.3691229Z
Jeez is thatched a question

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