Mass privatisation VS mass nationalisation

Posted by: TheBilbo1

Which would be better?

  • Mass Privatisation

  • Mass Nationalisation

69% 9 votes
31% 4 votes
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reece says2016-08-05T00:38:53.9030352Z
Good question. We are seeing the rise of both.
Conservatism says2016-08-05T01:17:34.5256617Z
@amedexyius That is the most ass backwards statement I've ever laid my eyes across.
Amedexyius says2016-08-05T20:55:43.8952696Z
@Conservatism Cognitive dissonance to Laissez Faire is as dysfunctional as thinking a communist utopia could exist. Governments seizing companies ensures stability even if it stunts growth.

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