Math Class or Reading Class?

Posted by: IntelligentReaders

Which Class do you like More?

  • Math is Better!

  • Reading is Better!

57% 12 votes
43% 9 votes
  • I like these both, math is superior as it teaches more skills then simple reading

  • I like math, but hate my teacher. I hate reading, but love my teacher. It depends on who the teacher is.

  • Math deals with absolutes. If you follow the steps, you'll get it right. Reading is too subjective for my taste.

  • Math is more interesting to me because it is really fun and everything we learn is something we all need to know at some point in our life time!

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ewsbsk says2018-06-06T18:31:55.5138370Z
Math is applicable for everyday life, and gives you the best jobs. If you don't use math on the daily basis someone probably runs your life or you are a bum on the street

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