Matt Smith or David Tennant - which was the better Doctor?

Posted by: MysticEgg

The light hearted one, or the more serious one.

  • Matt Smith

  • David Tennant

38% 5 votes
62% 8 votes
  • Not by performance, but by the writing quality of the show and plots he's faced.

    Posted by: Ragnar
  • I loved both actors but I preferred to see Matt Smith but over all they we both great Doctors on Doctor Who

  • Better actor in general (although they're both good actors), and I prefered a more serious approach.

  • I hated Matt Smith as the doctor. David Tennant was an amazing one though!

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Ragnar says2013-09-03T12:07:06.2029459-05:00
Kind of funny that the setup is designed to favor Matt Smith, but the originator picked David Tennant.
MysticEgg says2013-09-03T13:26:54.6994306-05:00
No I didn't...The picture is flipped, that's all.

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