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  • Women may be slightly more responsible and on average live longer, But men have a certain spark, A sense of competition, Are physically stronger (always have been) and desire to prove themselves to the world that women simply don't have. For these reasons have men dominated society since Adam & Eve. Its no coincidence that over 90% of the world's inventions (e. T. C electricity, The wheel, The internet) were made by men. Men also have more integrity compared to women who's views on life & politcs are largley determined by the opinions of their friends & celebrities, Which explains why women were only given the vote 90 years ago.

  • Hail Patriarchy! <3

  • If a razor as wielded, Is only used for what it was designed for, And by that I mean, Maleness prior to SCREW magazine, Ca. 1977, Then my argument would be what I've said since before even then: "Too much maintenance, Being female. Being a guy, Is easy. One comb, Boomboomboomboom, And I'm done. " As a teen in the 70's, I was noted for carrying 2 combs. . . But. The point is. . . !

  • I feel women are stronger since they have to go through harder things, Physically. But there is no debate, It is like comparing apples to oranges.

  • women

  • Women are consistently outperforming men. Whether in education, Longevity, Leadership, Motivation, Breadwinners, Or even in grip strength where millennial women now have the same grip strength as millennial men (98 lbs. As per North Carolina study), Women today are towering over men.

  • I believe God has nothing to do with this debate. Both sexes are equal, Because each sex can do things that the other cannot. Strength is earned not given. Females are just as capable as males when it comes to intelligence, Strength, And other characteristics when it comes to each sex. Women can give birth, While Men can make the sperm that creates the baby. Though science suggest that the female brain is smaller than the males' size this has nothing to do with intelligence. I chose the Women because on the men's side they say that men are stronger therefore better than women. But as I've said, Strength is earned.

  • Women reproduce. Sure they might be weaker but they carry on the human race.

    Posted by: zutzut
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Biz0210007 says2019-06-11T19:33:49.4460470Z
Woman need a chance to actually do something cause all the men just get the credit because they are stronger and better but laddies its our time to shine and prove that woman aren't just nothing they are something! ❤
poppysan says2019-10-19T20:57:49.2304140Z
I can't pick either one. Both have mental, Emotional, And physical, Strengths and weaknesses. The beauty of it is that they compliment each other. Both genders will be respected when they start respecting themselves.

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