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  • Women may be slightly more responsible and on average live longer, But men have a certain spark, A sense of competition, Are physically stronger (always have been) and desire to prove themselves to the world that women simply don't have. For these reasons have men dominated society since Adam & Eve. Its no coincidence that over 90% of the world's inventions (e. T. C electricity, The wheel, The internet) were made by men. Men also have more integrity compared to women who's views on life & politcs are largley determined by the opinions of their friends & celebrities, Which explains why women were only given the vote 90 years ago.

  • Hail Patriarchy! <3

  • I feel women are stronger since they have to go through harder things, Physically. But there is no debate, It is like comparing apples to oranges.

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Biz0210007 says2019-06-11T19:33:49.4460470Z
Woman need a chance to actually do something cause all the men just get the credit because they are stronger and better but laddies its our time to shine and prove that woman aren't just nothing they are something! ❤

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