Men vs women in war

Posted by: foody12

Heres the rules. Suppose all men and women live in different countrys and they go to war with eachother. Rule 1- men and women can keep the weapons they invent. Example, a man invents a new gun. Then men can use that in war and women can't. Rule 2- if both genders work to make an invention, say a new plane. Then they both keep it. Rule 3- if there's no exact origin of a thing, let's say music, then they can both use it since there's no known inventor. Rule 4- no gender can claim something found in nature, t

  • Men

  • Women

88% 21 votes
12% 3 votes
  • More men have training with dakka than women. Also, they can physically overpower them. On the side of the women, they can bring their knees up in an abrupt fashion, but when the guys stand at range, it's a bit harder to bring about.

  • Men rule the world. Women rule the kitchen.

    Posted by: RXR
  • Physically we are stronger, so it makes sense we would win, we'd be able to kill more, lol that was sexist.

  • physically stronger about the same in brains so, the men would win because of physical strength and ability over women...

  • Men are physically superior, men are militaristicly more intelligent, men have been forced to fight wars forever now.

  • War is, historically, a male pastime, not to mention that we are on average stronger than females. The country of men would win by physical strength and experience, even if it would have intellectual parity with the country of women.

  • swagger

  • lol women can't fight.

  • Not to be sexist or anything, but men are stronger. Don't even try to deny it. Also, it said inventions, and last time i checked, Men invented internet, XD. Good luck without internet.

  • LOL I love the men's comments... Its funny how it's been scientifically proved that us women are smarter then men, AND we handle ourselves better when under stress ;)

    Posted by: Lee001
  • Women are a lot smarter and the knowledge is power plus you men can be lulled into a dream like state by the smallest bit of a women's body

  • i vote for asian women over caucasian men.

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YamaVonKarma says2015-03-06T17:02:57.1708754-06:00
*Has no idea which team to join* Make your cases for me to join you.
PetersSmith says2015-03-06T17:03:34.7319449-06:00
Men are naturally more aggressive and stronger than women. Not really fair.
Forthelulz says2015-03-06T17:19:53.1630484-06:00
Also, this theoretical war is taking place in Neveria. Roll your delivery penalties now.
foody12 says2015-03-06T17:27:56.2621381-06:00
Well peter smith, war is war and this battle isn't based on strength, its based on the technology the gender has developed
foody12 says2015-03-06T17:40:54.9827020-06:00
Everybody who votes, please read the rules. This battle isn't based on strength. Its based on the achievements the gender's make
Hanspete says2015-03-06T17:42:24.9683318-06:00
Or you know not
Leo.Messi says2015-03-06T18:10:25.4928134-06:00
Inventions by men: nuclear bomb, guns, body armor, tanks, airplanes, submarines, missiles,...Need i go on? No offense to women, but men are more militarily minded then women.
CameronTruehart says2015-03-06T19:08:57.9368651-06:00
Men invented electricity, the atomic bomb, modern weaponry, a man started the art of war, a man created the internet, a man created internetworking, men tend to win in politics more often than women.
scots says2015-03-06T20:15:24.3934010-06:00
"Nobody will ever win the battle of the sexes. There is too much fraternizing with the enemy." -Henry Kissinger
Hanspete says2015-03-06T21:58:52.0444208-06:00
@erossucks123 unless we're gay
shaancl_716 says2015-03-07T00:06:55.8507847-06:00
I am so freaking done with this stupid "battle of the sexes" crap.
dbushwacker says2015-03-07T00:10:14.4206389-06:00
Make a poll about it. :D
Spectre2 says2015-03-12T09:42:13.5592489-05:00
I hate PC. Women suck at almost everything in comparison to men including war
Bretrocks12 says2015-12-05T22:36:08.4435323Z
"LOL I love the men's comments... Its funny how it's been scientifically proved that us women are smarter then men, AND we handle ourselves better when under stress ;)" Uh no. Men actually have higher IQ (I'm not implying that ALL men are smarter than women, but the majority are). Women normally more emotional. And you seriously think you are better at stress? Women go insane under stress. IMO the war would be won by men in a few weeks-months.

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