Men, Would you Wear Leggings?

Posted by: Berend

Should it be Socially accepted? And if you are a male, would you?

  • Yes.

  • No.

58% 18 votes
42% 13 votes
  • Personally I would because if I want to wear something I would and they can be comfortable. Also during the winter, having them under your pants helps keep you warm also. I think with the right fashion, they can work on men, but not always and depends on the person.

    Posted by: Berend
  • I want everyone to see the outline of my huge pen0r

  • If people want to then do it! Life's too short. Just have fun and dress however you want to dress!

  • iodgjslfsjad'

  • If it was socially acceptable, hell yeah.

    Posted by: 6ix
  • Very comfortable (Women already figured that out)! No reason for men not to wear them. Same with skirts! Men have worn leggings and skirts throughout time far longer than women have so it's nothing new!

  • Fashion freedom for all.

  • They are comfortable! Sportsmen wear them, why can't I?

  • Yes men can wear leggings as it cover legs.. it good for legs include muscle, comfortable plus change in fashion for men. O wear adidas 3 stripe leggings and took my dog to the park that no problems. I have lots of womem leggings cos it fit me great.. old sloggy jeans or trousers are outdated so need changed as it future not backwards.. it save me good money to buy cheaper leggings that much simple that how I paid new bathroom suite as saving a lots.. I usual wear leggings every day as it my business.. no one business so wear it as men can wear leggings.. don't be afraid. Just keep going

  • That is what I call homo and under armor is a completely different scenario than leggings.

  • Outside of dance, the theater, or as insulation under other clothing, I don't think men should be wearing leggings into public. For the same reason woman should not. It over sexualizes the human form and exposes children and youth (and unwanted populous) to parts that should remain private. If society made a shift to accept nudism and having exposed genitals in public than sure, until that time, say what you want, tights do not keep parts sufficiently concealed.

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TBR says2015-09-19T03:37:33.5381021Z
Do you want to wear leggings? No I would not, but I have worn a sarong, a kilt from time to time. I wear whatever the he11 I want.
Christopher_Carpenter says2015-09-19T09:56:19.1481568Z
Sure, They were popular for men in the 18th century. If I ever reenacted a scene from that era, I see no reason in not wearing them.
TBR says2015-09-19T15:41:14.3189332Z
Lots of people still wear them, including me when i feel like it.
Berend says2015-09-20T21:37:42.4521529Z
Haroush, what's wrong with being gay exactly? Also plenty of straight men wear leggings for sports. We used to wear them all the time in Track for college because it keeps the body warm and Oregon can get quite cold and wet. Lots of straight men wear them in sports. As outside of sports, they are slowly becoming more socially accepted once more. Also, why the hate? "What an idiot". What are you trying to say exactly?
Haroush says2015-09-21T01:38:47.2063159Z
I don't care if you are gay I am just stating the obvious. And no. Leggings aren't worn by straight men unless they fall for new social standards. Other then that most wear under armor.
Berend says2015-09-22T01:59:46.0405469Z
That's what I'm saying. And yes, there are men who wear them that are straight. There's plenty of photo's of men doing it, and I think that JB guy did a few times mixed with shorts.
SuburbanMan says2015-12-14T00:55:59.2724804Z
I’m a guy, 6’2, 200 pounds, early 40s. Married with kids, living in suburbia. Can I pick your brain for a minute? If I go to the grocery store (or anywhere public) at midnight, can I wear a fleece hoodie pullover, white low-cut ankle socks, running shoes and long black Nike, Under Armour or 2XU compression pants…and NOTHING ELSE (including underwear)? Do you think I should toss on a pair of fleece running shorts over the leggings? What color shorts? Does color matter? And instead of white low-cut ankle socks, can I wear thick white slouch socks with the leggings tucked in (socks in size to fit)? How about this clothing combination for an overnight errand: a T-shirt, white low-cut ankle socks, running shoes and fleece shorts over three-quarter-length black tights (Nike, UA, Reebok, etc.). No underwear. Do men's three-quarter-length sports tights too closely resemble women's capri yoga pants when worn without athletic shorts? If any of this gear is unacceptable for the grocery store, what about a neighborhood jog at 5:30 in the morning? Or the gym? Have you ever seen a guy wearing compression tights in public? Where? Was he discreet? Did others notice? Let’s assume all the clothing described here was made for men by reputable, family-trusted designers and sold in your local mall big box sporting goods store. No crossdressers, no gay porn, no pantyhose, no nylon, lycra or spandex fetish. Full disclosure: In the past year, I’ve replaced all my underwear with compression shorts. Someday all men will discover what I’ve learned and do the same. Sure, all your drawers will cost $25-$30 a pop, but the comfort makes ’em worth every penny! Also: I’m not trying to show off my bulge (not much to show anyway).
mikaloviche says2018-06-19T05:36:59.0208222Z
We have to make a start for real change if we are to liberate the bulge

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