• Mercedes Benz , because they are for ride quality and safety, not to mention brand value.

  • BMW ,because it is the ultimate drivers car.

70% 16 votes
30% 7 votes
  • BMW because I'm Bavarian

    Posted by: Jimbus
  • Both are German engineered cars - that is a plus for both. That said, when it comes to which it is really a personal choice and that choice is based on how the car makes you feel when driving and emotionally. I love the way a BMW feels driving and for me the interior design of the BMW feels right. The Mercedes design language doesn't grab me - especially the interiors.

    Posted by: jbpohl
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whatshouldIdo says2015-12-11T03:42:45.2682094Z
Both car brands are really good, it is so hard to decide.

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