• Messi

  • Ronaldo

61% 28 votes
39% 18 votes
  • Because, Skill of messi is very good and He is important vs FC Barcelona

  • he's naturally very good has more tricks up his sleeves and more of a team player and is humble too

    Posted by: Easan
  • Slightly more talented a football player. However, Both players are the best this sport has ever seen. Two of the greatest sports players in the world.

    Posted by: Level
  • He is Short and is faster

  • Messi beats Ronaldo in; Passing, Vision Dribbling, Finishing (Played 100 less games than Ronaldo but still only has about 20 goals to go before he overtakes Ronaldo) While it is true that Messi has played at Barcelona his whole career, Ronaldo has played for the best teams in their league. Manchester United were dominant during the 2000s and the 1990s. Real Madrid have always been a great team and Juventus was the best team in series a before Ronaldo arrived

    Posted by: Jak333
  • Messi's better but neither of them have anything on PelĂ©

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Stef2018 says2019-05-23T05:55:24.5495140Z
Messi has 95 rating in fifa 20 bro
aaronabm says2019-07-14T09:18:45.8547685Z
Messi is the best

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