Microevolution vs. Macroevolution

Which theory of evolution makes the most sense?

  • Microevolution

  • Macroevolution

90% 19 votes
10% 2 votes
  • You cannot have macro without micro.

  • All evolution is driven by genetic mutations. There is no alternative form of evolution.

  • Although I do believe they are both accurate and viable, i do believe micro evolution is the best option because it can be observed.

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MrJosh says2013-09-05T09:06:46.1167364-05:00
There is no such thing as micro vs. Macro evolution. There is only evolution.
justin.graves says2013-09-05T09:12:53.4873004-05:00
Maybe to someone who believes the Naturalistic Theory of Origin, but not to a ID or Creation believer.
MysticEgg says2013-09-05T10:25:21.2499174-05:00
True and true. To evolutionists, there is only "evolution". However, assuming that they were different and we had to pick one: MICRO FTW!
Deathmonkey7 says2013-09-05T20:43:25.9283978-05:00
They're one and the same you dolt.
justin.graves says2013-09-06T07:41:36.5691961-05:00
Actually, Mircro-evolution is simply the change in allele frequencies. That causes small changes such as the finches' beaks recorded by Darwin. Nothing dramatic like the changes from birds to reptiles. Marco-evolution is that. Hence "Micro" and "Macro." They are simply terms used to further define and refine the meaning of the word "evolution" in certain contexts.
MysticEgg says2013-09-06T15:51:55.4011842-05:00
@Deathmonkey I hope you weren't talking to me... ;D
MysticEgg says2013-09-06T15:54:17.8880667-05:00
@justin Mmm, if you like although you make it sound like they're two different processes; there's only "evolution". You would call that micro, biologists would call that evolution. What you call macro is just an extension of evolution.
retroman000 says2013-09-06T17:08:51.6151231-05:00
Actually, I did learn micro and macro as a part of evolution, but was also taught that they are just different terms for the same thing over different lengths of time. Saying that microevolution exists but macroevolution doesn't is like saying you can walk down the street but not down the block.
fawny says2013-11-15T02:42:02.7817546-06:00
There isn't any such thing as micro and macro evolution.
MykSkodar says2013-12-22T18:16:32.5676055-06:00
To believe only in micro-evolution is to see it only as a word attached to an (inccorect) worldview clutching at buzzwords. A real understanding of micro-evolution inevitably leads to macro-evolution by inference. If you can imagine small mutations over a short time (micro-evolution) you can imagine more mutations over a long time (macro-evolution). If you understand how to do sums (yes sums), you should be able to figure that out.

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