Milo Yiannopoulos: Approve or Disapprove of Him?

Milo Yiannopoulos is a British journalist, entrepreneur and technology editor for Breitbart News, a conservative news and opinion website based in the United States. He is also a popular Gay Conservative.

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Kirigaya-Kazuto says2016-09-19T16:36:23.9653177Z
Why is there not an option for "Don't Know, Don't Care"
NHN says2016-09-19T18:56:35.6626780Z
(((milo))) is a cross-eyed frog-meme yenta with a wad of white dough on his head. Sometimes his mouth opens, (((blurbs))) beta-fail.
Anonymous says2016-09-19T19:09:18.5953495Z
@Kirigaya-Kazuto - To answer your question; because nobody cares about you not knowing.
triangle.128k says2016-09-19T19:12:02.2137774Z
NHN I am quite surprised you haven't thrown the R word at him. (Racist)
Anonymous says2016-09-19T19:15:22.4722611Z
@triangle.128k - Likewise.
Anonymous says2016-09-19T19:16:05.1541347Z
@Reece - Why do you disagree with Neo?
NHN says2016-09-19T20:26:41.7750397Z
This poll is perfect. It provides an index of every alt-righter and frog disciple on DDO. But it's missing thett3 and his band of gender-confused alt-light toadies.
Anonymous says2016-09-19T20:56:18.4466812Z
@NHN - You are the most moronic Libertarian I've ever heard.
NHN says2016-09-19T21:21:18.2280472Z
"Heard," you say. Wut a kvnt. Save your fantasies for (((milo))) and the other snip-snips.
triangle.128k says2016-09-19T22:43:23.9603710Z
@NHN Your deliberate misspelling of words combined with deplorable grammar isn't making you look intelligent, cute, funny, whatever it is you are trying to be. Rather, it is making you look like an absolute retard.
Anonymous says2016-09-20T01:53:26.0767179Z
You know what, Triangle, don't slam him like that! He's only a boy!
reece says2016-09-20T04:54:04.5809900Z
@Sciguy Neo?
Anonymous says2016-09-20T14:37:04.9957906Z
@reece - That's just a nickname for Milo.
Anonymous says2016-09-20T14:44:30.9857258Z
@reece - That's just a nickname for Milo. As for your reason, Reece, Shkreli is a man who hiked the price of a drug to counteract the effects of Cystinuria; Milo is just a logical Anti-Feminist. The two are irrelevant to one another and cannot be compared. Reece, you're a person that can think appropriately and construct a reasonable opinion out of facts. Why is it you can't now? I mean that with the utmost respect towards you.
reece says2016-09-20T15:37:43.9361933Z
@Sciguy They're both attention whores. Although Milo can make reasonable arguments, he doesn't stop to think. I guess if he elaborated he wouldn't be as likable.
Anonymous says2016-09-20T15:45:11.7751810Z
@Reece - I can agree with you on that; Milo does not think! Well, actually, he has absolutely no respect or regard towards people's feelings- and neither do I, at times anyway. I disagree with you on your last statement. I believe if he did not elaborate on his statements he would be disliked more so than he is now.
Anonymous says2016-09-20T15:49:00.0387706Z
@BrendanD19 - Milo's a wanker? I do believe you're mistaken; he's a dangerous faggot! I also don't believe you are inclined to say who is and who isn't a wanker. After all, you're a "democratic" Socialist.
reece says2016-09-20T16:06:46.5297637Z
@Sciguy I don't care if he has respect for peoples feelings or not. I care about the truth and not just confirmation. The thing is, he actively looks for controversy/arguments. Breitbart as an organisation does the same thing. It opposes scientific consensus.
Heterodox says2016-09-20T18:52:32.6839573Z
@reece, Scientific consensus means the world would still be flat.
Anonymous says2016-09-21T00:57:56.6006643Z
@Heterodox - Would still be flat? For the Earth to still be flat it would have had to of been flat in the beginning. Also, if you were to dissect the word Consensus in "Scientific Consensus" you would find that it is just the way of the majority of scientist agreeing with one another. However, perhaps you were presenting a more philosophic input on the matter of Scientific Consensus, which I doubt. Perhaps, you meant that if Scientists agreed with one another all the time that they would still believe the world to be flat.
reece says2016-09-21T03:32:58.2778053Z
@Heterodox Some things in science are indisputable. Anyway, the majority of people didn't think the Earth was flat. It's a myth. Plus, we're talking about modern science here.
triangle.128k says2016-09-21T03:34:25.8879669Z
@reece What is unscientific about Breitbart?
reece says2016-09-21T03:50:29.6933451Z
@triangle.128k One example is they did an article about some islands being swallowed up by the Pacific. They tried to turn it around to disprove the rise of sea level.
triangle.128k says2016-09-21T03:52:52.2380715Z
Ah well, one article must ruin it for me so now I must resort back to the mainstream left wing news sources.
reece says2016-09-21T04:02:41.2763043Z
@triangle.128k Go right ahead. There isn't any green grass for this sheep.
Heterodox says2016-09-21T17:04:18.8037829Z
@Sciguy, That is what I meant. That if we require a scientific consensus for things to be considered true, then we would all still think the world is flat. That's not what science is, it's not a consensus. A scientific consensus doesn't dictate what is "true".
reece says2016-09-21T17:11:08.3919426Z
@Heterodox Didn't you read what I said? But you're right, it doesn't dictate what is true. It demonstrates what's most likely.
Heterodox says2016-09-21T18:17:42.2848636Z
@reece, No. Not what is most likely. What is accepted. Sometimes what is accepted is wrong.
Anonymous says2016-09-21T18:46:02.3587567Z
Well, it is good to know that Triangle and Reece disagree with one another, and can be civil whilst doing so.
NHN says2016-09-21T19:04:09.7308673Z
Interesting pathology at work here... Rife with flat-earth comparisons, the "scientific consensus" and whatnot. As far as I can see, however, when cross-eyed (((milo))) flings feces, the band of monkeys jump along and deem the nonsense creative. Yet when talked down to in a like manner, this alt-right band of betas/kvnts consider it abrasive. In short, it's tribal.
triangle.128k says2016-09-21T19:44:55.3274971Z
@SciGuy Reece can be civil with arguing leftist viewpoints, NHN on the other side of the mountain just calls everybody (insert one of these words here: bigot, alt-right, far-right, racist, xenophobic, tribalist, etc.).
reece says2016-09-22T01:20:49.5705119Z
@Heterodox You do understand there's research involved.
reece says2016-09-22T01:42:59.0890344Z
@triangle.128k Why are you being PC?
triangle.128k says2016-09-22T02:11:44.2728932Z
@reece WTF are you even talking about?
reece says2016-09-22T02:14:15.5470629Z
@triangle.128k You're being PC...
TheGambit says2016-09-26T04:53:34.7483019Z
Ben Shapiro>Milo

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