• Mind-reading

  • Telekinesis

30% 12 votes
70% 28 votes
  • Power. Sure telekinesis could be used to stop a heart or to steal small amounts of money. But knowing minds could allow a person to make vast sums of money through business, To know who and who could not be trusted, To interrogate anyone perfectly. Mind reading is the one I would choose.

  • ya

    Posted by: Yuroi
  • Reading minds will get the best idea of what a person is trying to say. Moving stuff with your mind is not as beneficial as knowing what a person is actually saying compared to what is coming out of their mouth.

  • Telekinesis has more practical applications, And it would be more fun IMO.

  • I would be powerful like Carrie if I was bullied I. Could seek revenge and stop abuse of all other creatures destroy slaughter houses/ evil slavery systems pizzagate of children slave sex trade and body parts I would rage against the system corruption/ as a mind reader unless I worked within the system I wouldn’t be able to do anything and they would consider me a nut also you might hear somethings you don’t want to hear it might drive you crazy

    Posted by: Elfman
  • COOl

    Posted by: YPNB
  • For one thing, Mind reading is a power, And telekinesis is more of a skill. I would rather have skills than power, As it is more meaningful. Also, If you can read people's minds, You may hear things you didn't want to hear. Furthermore, Telekinesis would be more helpful in daily life.

  • You would go crazy with mind-reading. I would probably be gossiping about you.

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Mister_Man says2018-09-08T00:57:07.2596126Z
Whichever makes me more money, Lol. Telekinesis would be more fun though.
ladiesman says2018-09-14T04:03:49.3746146Z
@HurricaneStorm37 I agree that telekinesis would be more helpful in your daily life than reading minds. Most, If not all special abilities have at least one practical use, But telekinesis is one of those that has more functional applications than others. Others in that category include teleportation, Superhuman physical powers and being able to manipulate the weather.

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