• Minecraft

  • Gmod

57% 13 votes
43% 10 votes
  • Minecraft is classified as an indie game. Gmod is a mod meant for level design (?). Whatever it is, gmod is more suited to make custom servers, gamemodes and for videos. Also minecraft has more platforms.

  • I don't even know what gmod is.


  • You can play Minecraft maps in GMod. Plus there are a million more sandbox options in GMod compared to Minecraft.

  • Gmod has always been my favorite game. Yes, I do play Minecraft as well and I have put the 2 of them up for comparison. There are a TON of gamemodes that you can play with people worldwide and the hilarity of game/sandbox adventures makes this the better game. Besides, it seems that some of you only voted Minecraft just because you didn't even know what Gmod was.

  • minecraft gets boring after an hour

  • I think that gmod is better than minecraft because IF you have enough people to play with. You can create your own mini games! And have almost and unlimited supply of good addons out there! But minecraft is VERY limited compared to gmod. In gmod you could just get a bunch of gmod mods! Even though minecraft is blocky with and ectra 25-31$ to pay for. gmod IS 19.99 or lower!

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benhos says2015-04-03T11:06:34.7712296-05:00
Is that Ellis from Left 4 Dead 2...?
deathwish188 says2015-04-03T11:18:59.0801046-05:00
No, I don't think so
deathwish188 says2015-04-03T11:19:54.8325512-05:00
It might be, some stupid things come up when you search something and it shows pictures of something else
TheTerminator4444 says2015-04-09T12:13:38.5604788-05:00
Yeah, it is Ellis.
Newton1 says2015-04-09T14:07:04.5956832-05:00
It may be Ellis, but he has been edited in Garry's Mod

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