• Minecraft

  • Terraria

79% 19 votes
21% 5 votes
  • 3D

  • A higher quality game overall. I don't care that Terraria has more bosses and items, because do you know what Minecraft has? A z-axis.

    Posted by: gabep
  • Minecraft is an all time favourite. Is Terraria likely a superior piece of code? Yes. But I just never really got into it as much as I got into Minecraft. Perhaps it was just that I was better at Minecraft. A lot better at Minecraft. Partly from me being rather good at Minecraft, and partially from me being pretty bad at Terraria. I just never got as much joy out of Terraria, despite all the extra items, biomes and bosses.

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  • lol

  • Minecraft is my favorite game. Although Terraria has more bosses and items, Minecraft is a favorite to everyone across the globe. I would go for Terraria, -------> but Minecraft wins! And also, Terraria is a 2D game, so you know if monsters are coming from behind you. Minecraft, is a 3D game, so suprise! A monster might pop out from behind you and attack. That is one of the things that would make Minecraft harder.

  • You can get some WICKED AWESOME Mods in an instant (I use skydaz.com because its easy as heck) and you dont need a completely powerful computer to play!

  • jewk jalkfajrwk.rjae lkj raktjaktat And that's why I picked Minecraft.

    Posted by: LeviH
  • Terraria All the way. Terraria has more weapons more awesome bosses and is just generally a harder game. In other words Minecraft is for wimps who don't want to fight real hard bosses.

    Posted by: bpeast
  • Terraria because it has a lot mote content and way more bosses and weapons. Even though i do like mine craft, to me it just seems a little bit too easy.

  • Terraria has way more to offer. Sure, Minecraft is 3D, but its not a big deal. Minecraft's survival mode is horrible, there's barely any mobs or items. But Terraria has loads of that stuff, and it has a lot more adventure to it.

  • Terraria has more content than Minecraft. Enough Said

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gabep says2015-07-25T00:21:13.9255623-05:00
No contest.
Donderpants says2015-07-26T23:31:37.3075294-05:00
However, I think I might give Terraria another shot..... I just got distracted when I first got the game, so maybe it is actually quite a bit of fun. It sounds a lot harder, which I really like.
IsaacBigEars says2015-08-01T16:10:10.4868445Z
I cannot vote for this as i only played minecraft but it is the worst game i ever played.
gabep says2015-08-01T16:25:47.8844576Z
@Isaac - how so? At least it's a step away from other photocopied games like CoD.
Donderpants says2015-08-01T21:01:05.0487320Z
@IsaacBigEars Meh, different polks for different folks I guess. Nothing can be good for everyone without being bland. The less intentionally mainstream a game you like is, the more exciting the game, generally speaking. When did you play it though? Was it right at the start? I'd understand not liking that, the textures were garish and the actual game was pretty rubbish. Perhaps load it up now, see if you think it's better. Also, you should try the mods and texture packs, the vanilla game is not very good after you get pro at it. Also recommend console over PC.

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