Minecraft vs Terraria

Posted by: wolf902

Minecraft vs Terraria by Wolf902

  • Minecraft

  • Terraria

41% 15 votes
59% 22 votes
  • I remember seeing a person play this and it is pretty funn.

  • As of 1.9 in minecraft Terraria will be FAR better than minecraft. Terraria has more variety and takes more skill while minecraft now has a cooldown on attacking and has alot less options unless you are into commands and pluggins. AKA with both being vanilla terraria is best but terraria has much less "mod" potential unlike minecraft with it's easy to learn command base and being a very java script related game (easy to program) the bad thing is that minecraft has many more hackers. But they are not as destructive as hackers in terraria.

  • I would say that both Terraria and Minecraft are good, but Terraria has some more qualities that make it more interesting. In Minecraft, the point of survival mode is to survive, craft, explore, fight, and build. It gets pretty boring after awhile, with nothing do do except farm, craft and fight every day. If you have a mod, it can spice it up, but normal is pretty boring. That is why I only play on servers now, which provide a variety of games and challenges. In Terraria, there are an unlimited amount of challenges and places to explore. There is always something new to explore or fight. In Minecraft, there is the normal mobs, and afew bosses, including the enderdragon and wither. Terraria has so many bosses it's hard to count them. There's the Eye of Cuthulu, Eater of Worlds, Brain of Cuthulu, Skeletron, King Slime, Dungeon guardian, Wall of Flesh, Wyvern, Duke Fishron, Moon Lord, The Twins, Skeletron Prime, and so many others. In Terraria, you can also build and create beautiful homes, buildings, etc. just like you can do in Minecraft. There is definitely way more to explore in Terraria, and many more elements to the game. That is why I think Terraria is slightly better than Minecraft.

  • you are able to see more than ten meters ahead of you and not everything is a freaking block

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wolf902 says2014-06-03T05:47:10.4591530-05:00
Mc is better, so obvious
TryHardNinja says2014-06-03T10:14:17.2328691-05:00
Minecraft has better graphics and a better layout then Terraria Thank you. GG
Mathperson says2014-10-28T00:32:53.8828616-05:00
Man this is hard... Terraria has WAY more stuff and content than terraria, therefore being better for survival in single player Minecraft is definitely better for building and multilayer and mods make it just as good as terraria. I just wish people would not hate terraria just because the haven't played it and it's 2d, it makes it better it some ways
Luigi_138 says2015-10-13T18:17:30.4185950Z
If there is anyone who knows alot about both of these games please tell me what you like more and why. If you say minecraft then please debate with me. (talking about terraria 1.3 and minecraft 1.9 versions only) I am a pro (made money playing) at minecraft and terraria both so I will know what i'm talking about.
Atoz13542 says2015-11-14T03:23:26.0562012Z
Tryhardninja, do you Have any legitimate reasons to back up your statement? Wolf, this goes for you too
Yrimir says2016-02-01T09:54:33.4439461Z
Minecraft fans.We have Bosses King Slime Lepus Eye of Cthulhu Eater of Worlds Brain of Cthulhu Skeletron Turkor the Ungrateful Queen Bee Wall of Flesh Hardmode bosses The Destroyer Ocram Console Skeletron Prime The Twins Plantera Golem Duke Fishron Lunatic Cultist Moon Lord Biomes Forests Snow Underground Snow Underground Layer Cavern Layer The Corruption The Crimson Meteorite Deserts Underground Desert Ocean Floating Islands Jungle Underground Jungle Bee Hive Dungeon The Underworld The Hallow Jungle Temple NPCs Angler Arms Dealer Clothier Demolitionist Dye Trader Dryad Goblin Tinkerer Guide Mechanic Merchant Nurse Old Man Painter Party Girl Skeleton Merchant Stylist Traveling Merchant Witch Doctor Truffle Santa Claus Pirate Steampunker Cyborg Wizard Tax Collector Events Blood Moon Solar Eclipse Rain Slime Rain Goblin Army Frost Legion Pirate Invasion Pumpkin Moon Frost Moon Martian Madness Lunar Events More than 100 weapons More than 100 tools More than 70 sets of armor Done yet Minecraft fanboys?
Yrimir says2016-02-01T10:04:18.5567578Z
Say hi while Im here!
Yrimir says2016-02-01T10:05:47.8690478Z
Sorry.Forgot ,
Yrimir says2016-02-19T07:28:48.9924928Z
MC 3/10.Terraria 10/10

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