• Terraria

  • Minecraft

26% 9 votes
74% 25 votes
  • I prefer adventure over sandbox.

  • I have played very much of both, and I feel nostalgic whenever I play either, they make me feel like a 9 year old again. However, I prefer Terraria because It combines the elements of Sandbox and RPG.

  • it's fun when you have the modded version

    Posted by: furyal
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demonshpawner says2018-01-22T19:21:26.9335701Z
I prefer both terraria for it's weapons and mobs Minecraft because of creative mode.
kitty_cat_LOL says2018-01-24T14:18:59.2815062Z
I like minecraft because i can build cool stuff. [ not that they are cool because i can't make youtube videos] but i still like to build i have never played terraria but i have seen a clip of it and i have only seen someone kill a NPC. I don't like that idea
jumpy72red says2018-05-10T09:17:01.9314607Z
Im addicted to minecraft

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