Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama

Posted by: wolf902

Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama by Wolf902

  • Mitt Romney

  • Barack Obama

36% 10 votes
64% 18 votes

  • This already happened Obama beat the magic underware right off his flip flopping ass

  • Obama is much better educated and a better leader than Romney. If Romney had gotten elected, this country would already be in ruin.

  • I don't like either of them, but President Obama is simply a better choice than Romney.

  • Supports gay marriage.

  • The reason I would mainly choose Obama is because he has done way more than what Mitt Romney has done. Obama issued the Gay Marriage right so that Gay people could get married whilst Mitt just sat and watched. Also, Mitt is a complete imbecile.

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SamStevens says2014-06-04T15:59:56.9443352-05:00
There is a reason why Obama won the election twice.
discomfiting says2014-06-04T16:00:14.2699657-05:00
Because McCain & Romney sucked worse
FiggyCal says2014-06-04T17:18:47.4261099-05:00
Seeing as this country isn't ruins as of yet, I think it's safe to say Obama was an alright choice still.
NedStarkshead says2014-06-04T22:37:59.3769052-05:00
Obama already beat the magic underware off Romney's ass
Cold-Mind says2014-06-05T07:19:29.6238739-05:00
debate_power says2014-06-06T14:04:04.3459531-05:00
Obama is incompetent, but Romney worries me.
debate_power says2014-06-06T14:04:22.2085833-05:00
Preston says2014-07-02T09:55:36.5929625-05:00
@FiggyCal you right but being razed isn't good

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