• Moana

  • Frozen

59% 22 votes
41% 15 votes
  • Frozen's plot was kinda dull, kinda predictable, and the music was not infectious so much as annoying.

  • Moana was so much better it didn't have a love interest the soundtrack was better and the plot was way more awesome.

  • i like moana so much better because frozen is based on a childesh adventure and music is horrible but, moanas story behind it is amazing and has so mutch detail about it, but with frozen their was very little

  • Moana is better because it has a more realistic point of view.

  • Moana, in my opinion, had a better plot and a bigger impact on me emotionally. Frozen wasn't very good, to me at least.

  • Frozen is only popular with people who haven't developed a good sense of taste such as kids. Those who know a good plot, good theme and moving music I think would say that Moana is so much better.

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SegBeg says2017-07-23T07:39:45.0864158Z
Brad1015, I hate people who think their opinion is fact. Some people like Frozen better othere like Moana better. There's no objective fact as to which is better.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2018-02-10T03:48:35.1891476Z
I think Frozen was better. A little over rated mind you, but the singing was on point, the story was original, and it had a strong independent women who wasn't masculine in personality.
hcd1997 says2018-02-10T17:27:01.7038076Z
I like both but i have to pick one

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