Monty Python dead parrot schetch

Posted by: sadolite

A conservative talking to a liberal about politics is like being in the dead parrot schetch. The liberal is the store clerk and the conservative is the customer.

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40% 2 votes
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reece says2015-11-21T15:59:25.2201948Z
Look at the history of left vs right-wing presidents when it comes to economics.
TBR says2015-11-21T16:33:06.1844102Z
The parrot is fine.
sadolite says2015-11-21T16:59:31.7454759Z
"Look at the history of left vs right-wing presidents when it comes to economics." From which perspective? The store clerks or the customers. LOL
reece says2015-11-21T17:05:18.8432509Z
@Bob13 "Democrats have moved to the right and the right has moved into a mental hospital" - Bill Maher
reece says2015-11-21T17:08:05.6841814Z
@sadolite If anything the roles should be swapped. The conservative should be the store clerk. But the whole sketch doesn't do it just.
TBR says2015-11-21T17:19:05.0451547Z
Generally speaking, Democratic administrations do better with the economy.
reece says2015-11-21T17:20:25.4782391Z
@TBR They will just call us biased.
TBR says2015-11-21T17:38:14.0245894Z
Reece - I have seen every excuse possible.
Bob13 says2015-11-21T21:08:25.9421753Z
@TBR Maybe they do, but that is not the subject of the poll.
TBR says2015-11-21T22:19:03.8655887Z
@Bob13 - It is the conversation reece is engaged in.
reece says2015-11-21T22:51:53.8287809Z
@Bob13 Dude, economics is the subject that best fits the store clerk and customer complex. Can you give me a better one?
sadolite says2015-11-21T23:40:59.4577175Z
"sadolite If anything the roles should be swapped. " Give an example where .............
reece says2015-11-21T23:42:25.7005457Z
@sadolite What do you mean?
reece says2015-11-21T23:50:28.0338538Z
I went further to explain that the clerk should be the conservative. You only need basic deduction of what the liberal should be...
sadolite says2015-11-22T00:11:09.1618978Z
@sadolite What do you mean? For example the liberal tells me Bruce Jenner is a woman. The conservative says it doesn't matter how much lipstick you put on a pig it is still a pig
reece says2015-11-22T00:45:21.0167448Z
@sadolite That wasn't even in the sketch, well the one i saw. But anyway, how is that even politics. Aren't we trying to find a correlation? Even Bob13 is on the same lines as me when it comes to ridiculous political arguments, though our views differ on who is wrong.
TBR says2015-11-22T01:39:23.9239568Z
@sadolite - Are you disagreeing that Democrats are better for the economy?
sadolite says2015-11-22T04:16:51.6133943Z
@sadolite That wasn't even in the sketch, well the one i saw. Bwahahahahahahahahaha
sadolite says2015-11-22T04:18:55.9938327Z
"Are you disagreeing that Democrats are better for the economy?" Who do you think is responsible for the economy? The private sector or the govt?
reece says2015-11-22T07:31:11.3987761Z
@sadolite Which dead parrot sketch did you see? Or were just making up sh_t to try to get around my potential ignorance of the show?
Sam7411 says2015-11-22T13:54:17.1644514Z
Have any of you seen the sketch? He probably is hinting that the store clerk, "like liberals", can't accept fact, like how certain terrorists ARE Islamic extremists etc.
sadolite says2015-11-22T14:45:28.9028647Z
Which dead parrot sketch did you see? There is only one Monty Python dead parrot sketch in the entire universe
sadolite says2015-11-22T14:57:16.5767283Z
There are actually two versions of the dead parrot sketch. But the dialog is the same. I bet not many people know this. Version one Version two
Bob13 says2015-11-22T15:23:30.6887192Z
@reece I have never discussed economics with a liberal, and I have seen the dead parrot pattern when discussing other subjects.
reece says2015-11-22T19:46:07.5352317Z
@sadolite Dude, it's a rhetorical question. I thought i made it obvious.
reece says2015-11-22T19:49:40.1462688Z
@Bob13 Yeah, it doesn't necessarily have to be economics.

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